With this one retweet the suave sophisticated media controller Dilip Cherian with top access shows what he is in the end just a two bit Christian foot soldier .

Posted on Jun 12 2019 - 6:53am by admin

Scary part is this Dilip Cherian controls influences a bunch of mercenary presstitutes who are of the upper caste specially brahmin variety like some ugly butt face Swati kinds and here by the logic of this retweet does he is believe that it is justified to convert lower castes to Islam and Christianity s

Worse is these kind of missionaries are all over the place disguised as what not with a hidden agenda and this guy is no ordinary guy he is the top guy in the media PR and keeps a watch on babu’s and has access to the top and lot of BJP guys attend his parties and very pally with him and this what he really is .

How is he able to still get the top access with BJP in power who are his inside people in the BJP a man who retweets and has such views

Please do check out his tasteless retweet about rice bag conversion such arrogance these Christians of certain variety have specially the very well off and rich these are the new brown sahibs we Hindus need to be wary of and specially of their agenda

By the way have you heard of  the crusades , Spanish inquisition , pedophile priests of Europe and America and the Mulakkals etc one could have listed  what not the point is not that but sheer sly tweet of this very powerful Christian who is all over the media and makes you wonder what his agenda is and what is going on the media with these Faye d Souza kinds

Have great respect for Christians in general and the ones i have known have been kind and some of the best teachers but one is shocked to see such Chauvinism specially from these top end spectrum of these Dilips and Faye’s and their secret contempt for a certain other section whom they despise and these are people who creating through this narrative a communal-isms of  sorts and making even very liberal Hindus taking a Right turn

by the way do check out these so called religions to whom they converted to




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