WATCH IT – Antibiotics used to boost growth in chicken: CSE

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Source – Times of India

Each time you eat chicken, you could also be consuming a cocktail of antibiotics. A lab study released by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) found antibiotic residues in 40% of chicken samples collected from Delhi and NCR outlets.

While the amount of antibiotics found in each sample was not very high, experts said regular consumers of such meat could be in danger of developing antibiotic resistance. In other words, eating chicken with drug traces over a period of time could make you immune to impor tant antibiotics prescribed to treat common illnesses.

The study said it had evidence of large-scale and reckless use of antibiotics by poultry owners, which can also lead to antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains in the chicken itself.

CSE said it conducted the study after being alerted by doctors, including Bangalore-based cardiac surgeon Devi Shetty , about a rising trend of antibiotic resistance among patients.

CSE said 22.9% of the 70samples collected contained residues of one antibiotic while 17.1% had more than one.

chicken sample purchased from Gurgaon was found to have a cocktail of as many as three antibiotics.

The CSE report, released on Wednesday, said poultry owners routinely pumped antibiotics into chicken during their short life of about 35 to 42 days, to promote growth so that they look bigger and also to treat or prevent infections. India has no law to regulate antibiotic use in the poultry sector.

CSE’s research team tested chicken samples at its Pollution Monitoring Laboratory. Three tissues in each sample were tested — muscle, kidney and liver.

Residues of five of the six antibiotics were found in all three tissues of the samples in the range of 3.37 to 131.75 micrograms per kg.

According to Dr Shetty, after a researcher conducted a study on antibiotic resistance at his hospital, they found about 10% of the patients

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