Time for the media to milk colleges for all sorts of ads ( keeps shut about the rackets being run in name of education by dubious owner / no profit no loss crap.

Posted on Jun 2 2016 - 8:10pm by admin

that time of the year and media is in full swing milking education institutions for ads – its just like the good old IIPM days everyone kept shut as long as they were stuffed with ads and same is the case now – as many of these education institutes are sub standard and are in turn milking students in the name of education and the media very well knows it but keeps shut – some of their owners have dubious reputations and backgrounds and the strange part is they have gotten land at concessional rate because they are no profit no loss whatever that means – because clearly one can see that money is being made on the side and these so called institutes are personal fiefdoms of some of these people and amount to rackets in the name of education .

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