There needs to be serious audit and investigation of Umeed Aman Ghar with connections to very sweet talking all powerful Mr all goody loaded with foreign funds Harsh Mander and as to what happened then in FIR lodged in a sexual abuse case

Posted on Aug 9 2018 - 8:23am by admin

Looks likes the case has been hushed up or something and there are a lot of anomalies and if you go through articles below , all this took place during the Congress government and what did the CWC do in regards to the licence for which Harsh Mander met Sheila Dixit the Chief Minister then and what about the  manager who alleged that many such cases have happened before so were there investigations and what is the status of the Umeed Aman Ghar and has there been any investigation and audit or the fear of the powerful person like Harsh Mander is enough to deter anyone to go near any such investigation and more pertinent to ask what happened to the case which could shed further light on the workings and what exactly was going on in this center .

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