The Delhi Golf Club and the culture of VVIP neo brown sahibs – Colonial hangover – Indian’s and dogs not allowed

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the power that be are the involved with this club so one knows the consequences they will come after us , good that is what we also want .

High court on Wednesday directed the NDMC to remove stray dogsfrom the premises of the Delhi Golf Clubwithin a month and to relocate them elsewhere.

Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw said that after the dogs were sterilised, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) cannot insist on releasing them back in to the private property of the club from where they were picked up. “In one month’s time, NDMC has to remove stray dogs from the premises of the petitioner. Dogs so removed shall not be released in same premises or locality and be relocated elsewhere,” the court said. It asked the corporation and the club to depute an official each to liaise with each other on the issue.

the point in this judgement – is the Delhi golf club a private property – really !

In 2012, former urban development minister Kamal Nath extended the club’s lease for another 30 years — though it wasn’t due until 2020. He nominated 29 people for out-of-turn membership.

Public records show the club pays the government just Rs 5.8 lakh per annum — not enough to even rent a two-bedroom apartment in the area. The club has over 3,000 members.

Handed over on lease by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1951, the Delhi Golf Club occupies 179 acres. Given the Rs 14.4 lakh per sq yard market rate in neighbouring Lodhi Road and Golf Links, this property is worth a staggering Rs 125,452 crore. The government values land at lower rates — last year, information commissioner M L Sharma recorded its official value at Rs 46,722 crore. The decision to add a new complex has led bureaucrats in the ministry, as well as urban activists, to ask why the government isn’t raising revenue instead from a public asset.

so if this is the exact judgement of the high court then it is FLAWED ,

and as regards ndmc one will write later and their latest target on dogs and building a elite zone for vvip s free of dogs and us common people nonsense though they have more serious problems like corruption and they know what we are talking about and one expose a lot more incase they think they too clever for their own good and one expect more from the new chairwoman meenakshi lekhi than going after innocent dogs just to pacify a bunch of vvip or some elites who hate dogs and find any reason to eliminate them ,

back to Delhi golf club the adda of the neo brown sahibs – oh they are getting so troubled by these dogs and the common people who dare enter their cozy club

my question why does the golf club pay a pittance


The Delhi Golf Club has an area of 220 acres. The DGC club house, including the course, is on government land. The lease for the land is periodically renewed by the government at a rate which has no relationship to the market value of the land.[1] The current annual rent that the club pays to the government is just Rs 5.82 lakh per year (approximately US$9700 at Rs 60 to a dollar).[1] In 2012, eight years before the lease was due for renewal, Kamal Nath, the Minister of Urban Development in the United Progressive Alliance government, approved extension of the lease until 2050.[5] The DGC has about 4000 members, a majority of whom are serving or retired members of the Indian Civil Services, judges, and politicians. There is considerable clamor to gain membership in the club.[1][3]


why this system of nomination specially from the government ? why do these government people have this privilege as though a nice fat retirement salary and other perks throughout their lives arent enough , or they special category of government servants very close to the top level , because one knows of a few .

and then the people running the club who have been accused by the members of the club itself please read below

Parties in five-star hotels and intense lobbying have been on for the past couple of weeks as election for two key posts in the prestigious Delhi Golf Club nears. Such practices have come as a rude shock to senior club members, who feel spending huge amounts only to woo support for a club election is unethical.

Some members TOI talked to said they were unhappy at the way parties were being thrown to garner support. They said that recently, a big party was thrown at one of the most expensive hotels in Gurgaon. “Why should any candidate spend millions of rupees if he has the intention to serve people? This is a common practice in politics, but such actions should be discouraged,” a members, who did not wish to be named, said.

but the best part is this paragraph which shows their class bias and the colonial hangover

“In the prominent clubs of Mumbai, even canvassing is not allowed. If the candidates are found ringing up members and canvassing, their names are struck off the candidates’ list. But here we don’t have such self-imposed norms. Mumbai is still controlled by the old Parsi correctness but Delhi has got politicized. The honorable members now behave like members of Parliament,” one member said.

parsi correctness ha or maybe they wanted to say royal correctness for these nawabs at the club

the prime minister should first if all if he is serious impose huge annual rent tax and why should they have subsidized land in the first place and if they want it they should open the doors to public and not this bullshit of such a expensive charge of single game of golf for  a non member like the DDA lado sarai public golf course and all the facilities open for public  ,

this nonsense colonial hangover where some elite s the modern day brown sahibs have this cozy little enclave free from the common people and dogs while they sip and eat subsidized food ,some people have made it their home and their whole life revolves round this social circle and lot of wheeler dealer meet on the course to fix very important deals and then the betting part which will never come to light but is a very important ritual here ,

this brown sahib baba log culture needs to be put to an end and one knows the club members are the whos who list of lawyers,businessmen, bureaucrats, politicians etc and cannot be touched and get away with this colonial hangover for now

but when history is written these very people who lived on sheer subsidy when they could have easily afforded to pay while people starve in Delhi itself their names will be remembered for the brown sahibs they were and so the club better start behaving with more kindness to dogs and animals in general

and allow the general public to whom this land belongs access or time will come this club and its members will go down the same road as the english colonials and there wont be a club and yeah as for the influence of oberoi hotel for the view and aman one knows that too for now

according to the facts one sees the club is not a private property so the dogs in that case cannot be removed which is illegal in the first case to relocate them in the present context of law

and one wants to know if the honourable  high court judge who delivered the verdict plays golf here or has any family member or friends as members here , just to be clear of the conflict of interest part of it


list of he assets of the honourable high court  Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw

Born on 13th August, 1959 at Delhi. Studied at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, New Delhi and passed the CBSE Examination in 1976 and joined Hans Raj College, Delhi University. Thereafter, did LLB from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University and enrolled as an advocate with the Bar Council of Delhi in July, 1982. Initially joined a solicitor’s firm for 3 years and thereafter practiced law in the Delhi High Court and the subordinate courts mainly on the original side in the fields of real estate, family, civil and arbitration laws.


because the ndmc the high court now is really after these dogs when there have already been supreme court judgements in this regard .

one would only request kindness and compassion as the constitution of also says and one needs a humane solution to all this .

though one doesnt have the full copy of the judgement and not attended the hearings but would like to know in more detail ,

was the petitioner pitted against the a government appointed advocate ,

and why dont these high mighty members adopt the dogs rather than relocating them and who will be responsible if they are injured or even killed in the process of relocation and if the relocation doesnt suit them and kills them all in the process .




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