So Mr Bagga gets a legal notice and he is standing his ground but what he does not know the legal notice part of a larger game ( SLAPP ) ,1984 and to silence BJP or those leaning towards it Madhu Kishwar / Prashant Bhushan , Shiv Aroor / Sanjay Hegde etc also applied section 66 so much for the champion of free speech , Karti Chidambram in his arrogance misused and what happened to him and Mr Bagga is no Seema Sapra

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So Newslaundry sends a legal notice and was wondering when will they use that weapon and the amusing part is that instead of Mr Tajinder Bagga shaking in his boots which Newslaundry was expecting and that he will come cowering down and kneel and issue a public apology Mr Bagga is holding onto his guns in this standoff with a single bullet and on the contrary is ready to go to jail than apologize in the context of the legal notice and if he and Vivek Agnihotri get together they can file counter case which would be far more valid and can also add sections of hurting religious sentiments which one totally disagrees with but if they can stoop down to the level of using Section 66 which is still vague and draconian the word “Annoyance ” is enough then the thing about Hindu gods is also sufficient for hurting religious sentiments and the worst they never had any written agreement with Vivek so that opens a whole range of ramifications .

As regards copyright law there was this case in regard to a photocopy shop in DU by major publisher and if one remembers Justice Rajiv Endlaw Sahai gave a verdict which actually went against the complainant and they withdrew so such kind of intimidation can backfire badly and there needs to be more done in regards to copyright law and more clarity needed.

Though the hit job on Mr Bagga is for something else we suspect it is for his statement regarding 1984 and the boards he put up and as you know the relationship of the Trehans with Kamal Nath and how in a indirect way the investments of the Lals faction Mr Aiyar it is all showing through this notice it is much larger game where you dont know who is actually behind it and why you are getting hit which is obvious but what is not known and from whose shoulder the gun is being fired by whom

The sad part is BJP is not defending their own and they are regularly getting intimidated or hit by legal notices specially people who are leaning towards them and hit by those anti them recent case of Madhu Kishwar and others and it is new strategy to silence the Right or those leaning towards it and this is when BJP is in power .


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