Snatchers kill again, stab man to grab his bag in W Delhi – ( These snatchers need to be hunted down and need to be dealt with utmost brutality otherwise this terrorism will go on )

Posted on Sep 27 2019 - 6:46pm by admin

In yet another violent snatching case in the capital, a 27-year-old man was stabbed to death by three assailants trying to take away his bag on a desolate road in west Delhi’s Sagarpur early Thursday morning. In the gruesome attack, captured on CCTV camera, the man was stabbed multiple times on his chest as he resisted the snatchers.

The victim, Monu Tyagi, was going to board a bus for his village in UP. He had died by the time he could be taken to hospital. Police have arrested three suspects.

At least five people have been killed by snatchers in the city in the past month, amid a spurt in crime. Tyagi’s relatives told cops that he had come to Delhi on Tuesday for a visit. He was waylaid by the snatchers while walking down Arya Samaj Mandir road in Hans Park.

CCTV footage shows the three men surrounding Tyagi and asking him something, possibly the contents of his backpack. They then start pulling at the bag. When Tyagi resists, one of the men grabs his neck with his forearm while the other pulls out a knife and stabs him thrice on his chest. The men drag Tyagi to a corner and snatch his bag while continuing to stab him.

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