Volunteers to draw EWS kids to schools

Jan 28, 2014, 12.22AM IST TNN[ Shreya Roy Chowdhury ]

NEW DELHI: Yet another set of volunteers has been brought on board for school duty. This lot will identify nursery-age children in EWS families and “motivate” the parents to send them to school. This group of volunteers, however, isn’t connected with the education department specifically but are Aam Aadmi Party workers.

“Each municipal ward will have two volunteers who will find EWS children in their area and encourage their parents to send them to school,” says volunteer Praveen Deshmukh, “We will train them tomorrow (Tuesday).” The volunteers will also assist with admissions.

Government school admissions will start later.

Deshmukh explains the decision to go with AAP volunteers by saying, “they are already organized”. “We have a very short span of time to work in and it’s easy and comfortable to have a group which already knows the areas,” he says. There are 272 municipal wards in the city. Deshmukh adds that they will rope in an NGO working in the field of education to train volunteers.

Schools are expecting the number of EWS applications to increase significantly this year from the 2013 round of admissions. Two roadblocks in gathering documents for candidates were lifted in 2013 by the high court-the three-year residency rule and the requirement of Aadhar card for documents such as income certificates which are mandatory for admissions. Lifting the government’s three-year residency rule-parents had to prove they’ve lived in the city for three years continuously-means that groups that most require this provision, including migrant labour, can now benefit from it. Making the Aadhar card compulsory for drawing documents had made income certificates difficult to procure last year.


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