RSF – Reporters without Borders – Neo colonials white supremacist with an agenda – India enemy of the internet since 2014 – but great before that when a Congress government came up with a draconian law Section 66 – Journalism award to a sycophant – basically a farce

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There was some chatter and specially on some timelines and of some award to that ugly butt face PROLL – ugly creature live not the TROLL – which is ugly mythical creature of whom she was writing about and has in her mind but then ugly is what ugly does and she has a active eco system CHIKI SARKAR kissing the AIYAR ass and CHERIAN the christian creep trying to prop up the ugly hideous old lady from god knows where and never read a piece or anything which one could say even reluctantly of any worth

RSF which awarded her for the book on some BJP troll army or something dont have time to read such trash maybe the echo chamber of such trash gets excited about it but to give her a award is a political statement in itself and there are far far more credible journalists and who are treading perilously and yet they choose this ugly turd shows the level of RSF and their ignorance and it is basically a political agenda and you will see they really despise the current Right Wing government in place these are some old school white supremacist with a Neo Colonial agenda

how come all these orgs like RSF all the top bosses are WHITES like the Vatican all top people are WHITES but the real following the active followers are in non white countries where is the black pope or a Asian or a South America and these RSF kind of bullshit orgs are just another WHITE supremacists disguised as Neo colonists who fuck are they to lecture us that the RIGHT WING BJP government is dangerous government mind your own European backyard and if you read about one of their founders who is now running a right wing org Robert Ménard

Robert Ménard


dont have time but one thing which punctures this the whole farce about this organization is that on the list of Current Enemies of the Internet: India is listed along with some nations and that too since 2014 when Mr Modi came to power and it was the Congress government which came up with a law SECTION 66 a draconian law to curb free speech on the internet and then India was a  safe place on the internet what utter bullshit and these kind of ignorant and maybe deliberately ignorant orgs like RSF with a WHITE and NEO colonial agenda should come up with better stuff and by awarding a ugly butt face they show their utter ignorance or agenda both ways they can go screw themselves .


enemy of the internet


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