‘Riding an UberMoto is organised crime’

Posted on Jun 16 2016 - 7:44pm by admin

iding on UberMOTO bike taxi in the city may not be safe as the regional transport authority ( RTA) has termed Uber’s bike taxi operations with white number plates akin to “organised crime”. To make matters worse, the company does not provide any insurance cover to riders (consumer who books a bike ride), putting a question mark on their safety.

HT FILE PHOTOGurgaon RTA has issued three separate notices to Uber, seeking its reply on operating bikes with white number plates.Gurgaon RTA has issued three separate notices to Uber, seeking its reply on operating bikes with white number plates, but there is no response from the company so far.

“It is clear that you are aiding and abetting an organised crime of plying white number plate bikes as commercial bikes and it is gross violation of law and punishable under various provision of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988,” Jitender Kumar, secretary of RTA, said in a fresh notice issued on Thursday.

The notice mentioned that since the company continued “illegal activities” that are “akin to an organised crime being facilitated, aided and abetted on its platform”, the department impounded white number plate bikes illegally made available on Uber mobile application under sections 192, 192A, 193, 196, and 199 of the Motor Vehicle Act. An RTA official said over 20 bikes of the company were impounded this month.

Jitender Kumar said that besides operating bikes with white number plates, the company does not have any responsibility of insurance and it is violation of Indian laws.

The company’s terms and conditions declare that it is up to a biker and rider to confirm whether a bike has valid insurance cover. The company has absolved itself of any responsibility in case of any accident during a trip.

“The participant’s ( biker) insurance policies may not cover any loss or damage suffered by you (rider) and it is up to each participant and you to confirm with each other that the participant’s motor cycle is covered by a valid insurance. You acknowledge this responsibility is that of the participant and not of Uber,” reads the terms and conditions that a rider has to accept before booking a ride.

Kumar said the company is still operating bike service and has not responded to notices. He said the RTA is left with just one option of approaching a court to initiate legal proceedings against the company.

In March, the Karnataka government also seized UberMOTO bikes and suspended its operations as it did not have requisite permission to offer two-wheeler taxi service.

“We would not like to comment on this at this moment,” an Uber representative said.

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