Police ask forest department to count and identify trees in Delhi Golf Club – ( It should be converted into a public park and these brown sahibs the Who’s who need to be kicked out but then these very brown sahibs think they are above everything in this country )

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The Delhi police have asked the forest department to conduct a survey of trees in Delhi Golf Club after a complaint of alleged illegal cutting of trees on its premises was registered in July this year at Nizamuddin police station.

The police have asked the forest department to count and provide details of the existing and missing trees on Golf Club premises, said government officials.

“We are yet to receive an official communication with respect to the survey,” said a senior government official, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Delhi environment minister Imran Hussain had ordered an inspection of the club premises on July 17 after he received complaints of illegal tree felling in Delhi Golf Club. The forest department registered an FIR under the Trees Preservation Act, 1994 on July 19 at Nizamuddin police station. The investigation was transferred to the crime branch.

Department officials conducted a four-day inspection between July 20 and 24. In its initial report, the department submitted that it found at least 650 logs of trees inside the club premises.

The department then conducted a 25-day inspection in August and submitted a detailed report in September. As per the report, at least 3,000 logs of trees were found inside the club.

The club had earlier denied the allegations, stating that no “wrongdoing” has been found at its premises. On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the club said, “We are not aware of any such development. If we are approached by the officials, the club will extend its full support, as we had done in the past.”

First Published: Dec 05, 2018 12:57 IST


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