No Minority Tag For Jamia – dominated by upper class, caste muslim Ashraf’s – tag – ghetto university

Posted on Jan 20 2016 - 8:49am by admin

so no minority tag for Jamia and why should they get when they are dominated by muslim upper class caste of ashraf’s on the other hand “After getting the minority tag, Jamia, in keeping with the legal provisions, disbanded the quotas for dalits and backwards, leading to protests from activists including, the National Commission for SCs.”

there is a sinister politics being played which one has observed to divide the hindus , muslims trying to champion the cause of dalits but fact of the matter is that muslim themselves have a upper class minority which dominates most of the muslim discourse and institutions and in turn they leave out the lower class caste ,


but with them wanting the minority tag and wanting to practice greater exclusion of dalits and obc when they have already excluded the dalits and backward caste muslims in the process of minority politics .

so please dont give this minority bullshit its just another excuse for the ashraf s the upper class caste of muslims to control another institution .

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