Madhu Trehan: ‘There has never been a greater urgency to discuss the future of journalism’ – ( what a speech tears welling up in my eyes reminds me of the speech from Mars Attack – “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?” )

Posted on Aug 2 2019 - 6:30pm by admin

what this country would do without your journalism instead of that chutiya Ravish you should have got the Magsaysay award would recommend you for the Nobel Prize the words SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER – People who were called journalists have now openly become mouthpieces for those in power wah! Wah!
Legendary speech bravo! Bravo !

Only recently a article full of her jealousy overflowing for Arnab and Republic
then getting pissed off with Open Magazine’s Modi praise a

mind you she fires from the shoulders of these small timers but agenda is very clear and her dialogue of that ‘We didnt sign up for this ” but those with you did and you might cash out from Medanta but in case you think you did cash out and got away with it and think you have the inhouse politician and lawyer and you can use these weapons for intimidation and used it on Tajinder Bagga some audacity but didnt expect you use Section 66 you are lucky the government didnt go after you or Medanta in ways you cant imagine

please spare us these sermons of Journalism and Media there are suckers by the ton out there who will fall for it and word of caution the game you have been playing has been totally altered and as one told you long time baCK and by still thinking you are some Don of the media you have stepped into quagmire and you cannot fathom the costs and in case you think you have cashed out with the Medanta Sale and become all powerful and intimidate people with your legal power and others are just sitting with no backup and no one was able to touch you keep watching the game Raghav Bahl , Singh brother of Ranbaxy your dear relative Ratul Puri Moser Baer / Hindustan Power also thought the same and why did you have sell Medanta think about it someday because the screws were being tightened in ways and when you could have walked off with a few Billion Dollars you are just walking off with a few thousand crores in Rupees and also that is not full and final in ways you dont know as you have seen with those mentioned and that is the cost in case you dont understand all because you wanted to be some Don of the media but the problem was wrong place wrong time but keep going at it .
There is will be more to come game has only just started

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