Just check out this piglet from Gupta jee’s media Dukan retweeted by Badboo Aunty – the pig is a Atheist Feminist ha! seen a lot of these pigs pretending to be what not just to target Hindus and Hinduism – seen his timeline and its enough to know what he is – pig )

Posted on Aug 4 2019 - 4:26pm by admin

Gupta jee ki media Dukan nurturing pigs like him and some mullee Zainab good for you but you dont do a good service to your investor by the way what happened in Paytm that Sonia Dhawan is out and working and a lot more can be dug out in case you think you have pigs demonizing Hindus we can get back at you in ways you have never imagined or seen in your lifetime

So a piglet is taking on unsuspecting Hindus and little do they know what his agenda a piglet disguised as a atheist in case he doesnt know the crime for Atheist’s in Islam and the case of Farooq lynched by his own friends in the South for turning atheist

what is the point of this trying to show these Kanwariyas are regressive and patriarchal Hindus whatever they are they liberal when it comes to the totalitarian mullah males and their control over women so the pig should try his cheap stunt in his mullah ghetto and the pigsty where he comes from sure his mom goes out without a Burkha and sister roam around the ghetto in a short skirt in the mohalla and his father has Old monk every night and they are cool people good on you pig

By the way what is the view of pigs on LGBTQ community do they have any in their ghettos just asking because they are such liberal people

These kind of pigs like this guy and Umar Khalid who try to seem all liberal but you just cant change a pig aukat woh hi rahti hai its just a cover for their sinister agenda they become Commies but with muslim names live in mullah ghettos hiding in some pigsty in the end

Pig will not his mullahs any questions on so many ills in his biradari but has the audacity to target unsuspecting Hindus on a holy walk with random questions and it is being retweeted by these so called great journalists amusing to see just imagine some Hindu journalist targetting unsuspecting muslim with questions on Hajj or their festivals of Eid and you would have seen hell broken loose and the so called journalist would have got the dose of muslim tolerance and hospitality

Gupta jee is getting all excited about this pig alongwith Badb oo aunty well good to see what you stand for

His idol that dickhead with a lotta Ravish Kumar and see the praise for this pig and case rested


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