Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association-How Delhi Police Special Cell ruined young Kashmiri lives – no draft on Hindu Kashmiri genocide – ever visit a Kashmiri hindu refugee camp

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So this ghetto university released a report on – How Delhi Police Special Cell ruined young Kashmiri lives and also other lives by falsely implicating them in cases relating to terror and putting them through hell – which is highly unfair if it happened because one hasn’t gone through the draft and there should be a full inquiry and justice be done and those who were put through this kind of hell be given justice and also compensation .

the problem one has with this ghetto university which now seeks minority status is that so much concern for these Kashmiri youths that you do research and then write a draft report which is fine you are well within your rights but how come no concern for the hindu Kashmiri’s who were cleansed on the basis of their religion – one doesn’t call it a ethnic cleansing because it was Kashmiri versus Kashmiri they are same ethnicity – the primary basis for the genocide was religion ,

one would like you show the same concern for Hindu Kashmiri living in refugee camps whose lives are not only disrupted but destroyed by the murder mayhem in the name of religion  –  one would like you not to be one sided and show your true colors of bigotry by only crying tears for your own community and before you shed tears for Kashmiri muslims and the wrong done to them also remember the  wrong they did and do now by keeping the Kashmiri Hindus in exile and giving this nonsense of welcome back ,

till the issue of the Kashmiri hindu genocide is addressed those wounds will not heal ,

the other thing is that ghetto behind Jamia university they have been very hostile to the police as though it was a foreign police and there have been many incidents of violence against the police now why is that, are the police biased against those areas or is it the ghetto live by their own rules and dont want the police trying to impose rules ,

one would like to know how many Hindus live in those muslim areas do they even give houses to hindus – lets see how secular those areas are how many temples how many hindus live there ,

so one is impressed with your sense of justice for those who got screwed by Delhi police – that is only for your own ‘Kaum’ the very Kaum in majority starts religious cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir who are living in refugee camps still in exile in democratic secular India .

one is glad the prime minister snubbed Jamia university closet bigots who only care for their “Kaum” and overlook their atrocity and in the same area hostile to police and have even attacked them one wonders is it a police force of foreign country or what .


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