It’s 2019 but women barely figure in top positions, panels and pages in the media-( those who figure nearly all upper caste class Hindus Muslims Christian etc who in name of the gender empowerment monopolized the structure – Razdans Burkhas Sagarikas

Posted on Aug 4 2019 - 4:18pm by admin 

though credit where it is due atleast some survey of no consequence but atleast shows paise or partnership with UN WOMEN ka kis lay leya hai one has been very critical of this Nishtha Satyam whose very personal bias and agenda is very much part of whom all she is tying up and she is well aware of the political scenario

question what about the UN WOMEN in INdia what is the Gender ratio please tell then we will take about the class and caste

why one says of no consequence because the structure is hijacked by these upper caste and class women who are already ultra well off and there not on merit but connections old family ones and are connected to some politician or the other in many ways and you expect them to tomorrow say ok I will give my position to some SC ST or some Dalit women lets start with Newslaundry where a woman has a handle called Brown Sahiba and top end a Manisha Pande and it will hardly ever change so this bullshit of Gender inequality is a quite a farce

Come on aunty jee start the change if you are so concerned about gender inequality change starts with a great person like yourself – what a great speech now time for action – step down in place for some deserving woman who isnt an elite Brown Sahiba types to take your place

amazing blind side is what is composition of Newslaundry itself – Brown sahiba types we guess


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