Is India losing one of its brightest golf players to class divisions? – ( Den of filthy brown sahibs and there should be a inquiry into such mega water usage for a tiny elite and Supreme court monitoring committee on sealing should pay them a visit )

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A tussle between golfer Rashid Khan and the Delhi Golf Club has thrown up allegations of a ‘golf gang’—but at the root is class divides between elite players and pros from humble backgrounds.

By Shaunak Ghosh | Jun 28, 2019 0 Comments
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“There is a dangerous gang in Kotla Mubarakpur, a gang of criminal minds,” alleges Rohit Sabrwal, captain of the Delhi Golf Club, when this reporter visited him on June 26 to get the club’s side of the story on its ongoing tussle with India’s No. 1 pro-golfer Rashid Khan—a tussle that is now the major talking point in the city’s golf circles.

“This gang is just using Rashid as a tool against the DGC, pressuring him to make comments on us,” says Sabrwal. “They are unruly people, who have even given us (DGC Committee members) death threats, and have even attacked our cars, in addition to creating ruckus in the club premises.” He adds that they even “detained” 77-year old DGC president KS Bedi for one-and-a-half hours.

To put matters in perspective, Rashid Khan, in a press conference in January, had accused the current Delhi Golf Club managing committee of being an elitist institution that differentiates between its members and professional players like him. The Asian Games 2010 silver medalist is incidentally a product of the DGC’s talent scouting programmes and comes from a humble background.

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