Indian media is an upper-caste fortress, suggests report on caste representation – ( Irony most of these speakers etc are the very upper caste and super elites Badboo aunty , Razdans, Tripathis etc same Brahmin , Punjabi upper class Christian plants Modern VV , Welhams, Doon , Vasant Valley etc cozy club of friends , family friends , cronies but still much appreciated the Empirical Data )

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Appreciate the Empirical Data but one wrote about this last year about the elephant in the room and by merely talking about it and gathering data what have you done to see to it that your show had a good representation nothing instead all the same crony media system most of them that joker Abhinandan’s NDTV crew some of whom he takes walks with large number of Christian upper caste and class plants by your favorite PR guy and then family friends children as usual

As for the gender bullshit they are all again utlra upper caste cum class connected in some way to some politician or cronies ask Badboo aunty Razdan Tripathi etc so the crap of womens empowerment is basically a scam by these upper caste and class women to only empower themselves and in the name of women monopolize the power structure where they actively see to it that no one else comes into their fiefdom .

Badboo aunty doing her bit for Family friends like last year for that Raghu Rai’s daughter now this year her friend
Tavleen Singh’s son a shameless scoundrel who wrote about his relationship with some princess in UK and question was of privacy of personal relationship and putting it in public without her explicit mutual consent would anybody trust a scum like this but then dont blame him he gets it from his mother the woman got kicked out of the Gandhi circle so she started writing about them but as long as she was in Gandhi’s circle she was cool would anyone trust such trash in their private circle – ah found the article – 

and now –

literally a bastard and hangs around India and Gupta jee ki media Dukan 

This guy hangs around in India because of certain rights if he were to go his true homeland Pakistan whose Mullah pigs love Gays though google search should they search most for animal sex and specially Donkey Sex so his chances are pretty slim in that country where his so called Daddy got bumped off and he being married to man which you know is punishable by what in what book and what ways our desi mullahs would have gotten him but for the very Hindu’s that keep them in check and and talking about the Right Wing and Mr Modi – No wonder this duffer Tavleen and fake accented English she would have sounded better with her Majitha or Sangrur Punjabi but such are the ways and bring such good lluck to Ajit Gulabchand Lavasa is fucked these old elites dont understand the game

our liberal super elites love this guy and his writing havent had the time to read so cant comment but one knows

the other is Prayaag Akbar the son of his disgraced father MJ AkBar was this guy educated in the VV Vidya Vilas oops MSVV oops Vasant Valley such cozy club and they have overtaken MaSVV which was the model they were copying the sheer elitism the school churns out and its strange only whos who get into the school thats another matter and will be discussed some day on these schools which have become dens of apartheid and elitism and done in a deliberate way
and for what uses
This guy wrote some book Leila read a basic gist on wikipedia or somewhere sorry dont have time for reading such crap though one loves dystopian fiction and movies but some second hand version of what is happening in these Mullah countries one doesnt need to go far check Pakistan where they kidnap Hindu girls and convert by force and marry and the guy invents something for India or fictional land Aryavarta or whatever and the left liberal are impressed and gushing and gloating over this and pointing to the Right wing government and he as some Orwell of sorts and now some Netflix series by some Deepa Mehta who again a school pal Welhams of Badboo aunty discussing
banal crap though if one was casting Deepa Mehta she would be either for a Halloween or some Chucky movie that woman is scary perfect though for a Halloween Prank well she has a natural utility somewhere

funny part that filthy scary SIndhan Priya Ramani is listed as eminent speaker at this fest and our stand on both MJ AKBAR and this Ramani is one doesnt give fuck for either of them both are filthy scum as far as we are concerned
Ramani the Sindhan and her Halankar are a breed of scum who thrive on talking shit about the Hindus and its been greatly profitable
As regards MJ Akbar even if he gets away from this one case he is filth of the highest order there are multiple allegations and the whole family is well aware of what he is reallly is and the shocking part Badboo aunty doing a these interviews for this pig Prayaag he knows what his father is having grown up on his money and connections and will eventually inherit his wealth so much for being ethical human being so please get lost and shut the fuck up scum no matter what you do and whosoever tries to polish your image for us you will remain a scum of the highest order like your father
but do you see how these super elite stand for each other no matter what while they would try and hold others accountable for the smallest of mistakes

Now talking about the architecture of elitism it starts from the school and you have these Doon types the Newlunder Abbhinandan who wears his school badge on his heart while talking about Newlunders sends subtle message but also shows he is tuccha kinds then there is Badboo aunty Welham girls Tripathi Welham girls these are old school cozy clubs and it works each time from getting a job to promotion to funding THe LAL’s of Eicher both father and son Doscos fund Newslaundry but these 2 nd rung elites
the new ones nowdays in Delhi it is Vasant Valley , SriRam , Sanskriti , British School the great Robert Veadra is from here
but the Baap of all them is Modern School Vasant Vihar you wont even know who they are and they are not tuchhas like Abhinandan to flaunt their badge and dont even give a damn about school reunions or alumini associations but they really run show in ways you cant imagine from business to media but only they lack is power otherwise they are running the show in the media and you cant even name one thats how low profile they are t
both Sanjay Chandra of Unitech and Ratul Puri of Moser Baer / Hindustan Power are of the same batch and there are bigger player in the same batch so you can imagine the scale
one participant here though Samir Saran is MSVV head of ORF strange to find him being coopted by these Newslunders for shows there are things about him in his past which could crush his entire image in a second but let it pass for now .

The other is the Sifarshi Stephen all over the media and its mostly a Congress crony system created over the years cradled in Christian college is no surprise and they had a run for a long time before the advent of social media and internet now they are exposed daily for the anti hindu and really for the filth of the highest order and have great utility for the Right wing in turning more and more people towards them it wont be and shouldnt be  dismantled it is  serves a very useful purpose waking the Hindus to the agenda of the Christians and other forces and you have these IYI intellectual but Idiots very useful for the BJP – Category 5 Moron like Sagarika and then Burkha Butt take take the  cake and are loved by all for and they enjoy and relish such attention says a lot about them .

the sifarshis are sifted and selected with great care and hardly anyone get in with a Right leaning and even if you do you get converted to the Angrez hi aulad kinds – Most became media owners and thrived under Congress barring the Jains of Times of India but the younger Jains of Stephen variety came later though

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