Have written earlier and now again never been able to understand the hype about Khan Market it has hardly has any shops or great eateries its only frogs in the well tucchas who gloat over it

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Most expensive real estate retail and that too in global terms – thats Khan Market for you

why so first of all there is shortage of retail space and its parked right in the middle of very expensive localities like Golf Links , Jor Bagh etc

Creation of more retail space and specially eating joints via the back lanes some of them should have been shut down fire hazards but Khan Market connections

Why one wrote about these tucchas who feel that world only revolves around them and where they hang around this delusional class of fossilized elite who think Khan Market is the center of the center of power and everything and by hanging around there they have arrived the likes of shivam vij and his buddy free ka daru Mihir

Its like the hype around Greater Kailash 1 market and also about Greater Kailash in general it being very uppity or whatever but the ones who lived their know the reality and clever ones have exploited and profited greatly by selling off their properties to ones who are in awe of such localities like GK , Defence Colony , Vasant Vihar , Gulmohar Park etc sold off to people who are willing to shell a fortune for the status of living in these Kolonies which are only worth it because of certain location rest they dont offer much and clever ones realized this and sold of and bought bigger plots and condominiums in upscale Gurgaon areas with 3 tier security and all the amenities and invested rest of the money for life let the suckers enjoy the status of GK , VV , Def Col etc with their RWA’s shitty clubs and open colonies with loose security and each house turned into a flat and hardly any parking space and small width roads and shitty parks maintained only for some senior citizens who usually are the ones heading the RWA’s denying children the right of play

heard Dilbagh Pan Masala mega millionaires from Kanpur bought a few kothis in VV and thats the kind neof people who are paying fortunes to buy a house in these areas in general taken in by the hype status etc or whatever the crap and yes children getting into some elite apartheid schools and who knows what other reasons

The ones living there for years are now stagnating and set in that world they need to get out more to see how the world is moving beyond their shit holes and only people moving in there are mostly outsiders who dont know better and think like the shitty RWA’s that it is center of the world , go to GK cars upon cars and floors upon floors its a urban slum with no breathing space and worst is road width which is 5 – 9 meters with cars parked on the sidises and this is Gulmohar Park and small little patches passing off as parks and the parks grotesque but maintained all to stop any children playing in them and these are poshest of posh kolonies of India and people are paying a fortune to live there why because there no more supply of such colonies in Delhi and then a certain location factor .

The same is the case with Khan Market some tucchas like Shivam come to Delhi and they think Khan Market and we have arrived these frog in the well dont know is that in Gurgaon small markets in Gurgaon have more variety of shops and better quality of eating joints than all of Khan Market , Meherchand market , def col , gk market put together and better crowds people not these to be seen type of fakesters hanging there .

Meherchand market could have given a run to Khan Market but the sealing drive has taken its toll

Mr Modi is right about these tucchas of Khan Market but wonder why didnt the NDMC shut down the back lane eatries and lots of these shops in are in violation it would have shown these Khan Market tucchas their place but then Mr Modi was not that vindictive after all .


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