Golf Course Ext Road potholes get temporary fix, stretch to be relaid – ( This being the prime road and wonder what is the state of roads which are not prime guess they should enjoy the moon landing and hop on craters )

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The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has started fixing potholes on the 6.7-kilometre Golf Course Extension Road, but officials said it is only a temporary fix before the entire stretch is relaid.

■ The road is as an important link for commuters travelling towards Delhi and Faridabad.
“Work on filling potholes will be completed by the weekend, but this is only a temporary fix. The base structures of both the carriageways are weak. This was discovered recently after we carried out several road structure tests and determined that the damage was extensive. Once the series of tests is completed, the GMDA will prepare a detailed project report (DPR), which will also factor in the opportunity to use open spaces between the road and adjoining drains to widen the carriageways,” said Amit Rathee, executive engineer GMDA, which is responsible for looking after the city’s road infrastructure.

This road serves as an important link for commuters travelling towards Delhi and Faridabad from the Golf Course Road, Southern Peripheral Road and Sohna Road.

The stretch provides easier access to Faridabad, Aya Nagar and Chattarpur in Delhi by bypassing congested stretches such as the Mehrauli-gurgaon

Road and the Golf Course Road.

However, commuters said that after a spell of rain last winter, the condition of road deteriorated to such an extent that they could not drive on the stretch without encountering a pothole every 50 metres.

“Till last year, taking the Golf Course Extension Road helped me save more than 45 minutes times to reach Chattarpur via Gurgaon-faridabad Road as the route was not only shorter but also less congested. Over time, it was no longer feasible to drive on this road as the potholes increased the journey time significantly and made the drive extremely unpleasant, forcing me to drive through MG Road on several occasions,” said Vikrant Kapoor, a resident of DLF-5.

Safety experts said that the road has become vulnerable to accidents as some potholes are as deep as four feet and the road also lacks streetlights, which compounds the problem.

“I am glad authorities have taken cognizance of the poor condition of roads and initiated repairs. Over the past 12 months, the road remained prone to accidents, mainly due to the 3-4 foot deep potholes along the stretch. Fortunately, repair work has been initiated before there was a major fatality,” said Sarika Panda Bhatt, programme coordinator, Haryana Vision Zero.

The problem of potholes was also acknowledged by the district administration officials last month, when the city’s air quality was hovering in the ‘severe’ category, as traffic police were directed to ensure that the stretch is not congested, as it was leading to a high carbon emission.

Rathee said that the GMDA will not be looking to use plastic waste in laying roads as it is still untested. The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) had approved the use of plastic on November 20.

Rathee said it is better to try the method on arterial stretches before it is put to use on master roads, such as the Golf Course Extension Road.

MCG is responsible for the upkeep of arterial roads while the GMDA is responsible for master roads in the city.

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