General Ved Prakash Malik who always comes to the rescue of Burkha Butt her clean chit but the question is why hasnt there been a inquiry/ scrutiny as to why under his watch Kargil intrusion happened in the first place and why many braves lost lives ?

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The General Ved Prakash Malik who always comes to this Burkha Butt’s rescue and puts all arguments to rest as to the alleged phone that gave away location  of the soldiers and the access granted to her , did it cause any problems with the operations and did it give the enemy access to locations which eventually led to the death of some of our bravest and each time these questions are raised the General has given Burkha Butt a clean chit .

But the real question is how come there was no inquiry on the Kargil intrusion in the first place under the General it is sheer incompetence and negligence that the intrusion could happen on such a large scale in the first place and no heads rolled for such incompetence on contrary the General is all over the place as some war hero and quite likes a certain section of the media of the Burkha Butt kinds .

The other part was response to the infiltration which caused such a terrible loss of lives of some of our finest young men to retake back the land taken by infiltrators there should have been more public scrutiny of the actions of the General in response to the situation instead one has not seen a public scrutiny of the General of this whole Kargil War and he is busy giving clean chits to slime like Burkha Butt kinds when he himself should have been subjected to strictest of scrutiny for the Infiltration in the first place and then the response which caused such a tragic loss of lives of some our bravest .


TheIn a no-holds-barred interview, sacked army officer Brigadier Surinder Singhtalks about how he was cornered by General V.P. Malik and others and made a scapegoat for telling the truth about what happened at Kargil in 1999 and sticking to his guns. Toral Varia Deshpande met him at his home in Chandigarh general has been very active after retirement and campaigning for OROP and other things has been getting and is still getting good salary at 79 for being on various boards and for him to talk about

Military no longer a right choice today: Ex-Army chief Ved Prakash Malik

“By taking away its pride, status and making career unattractive, the military is no longer a right choice today, which I believe is neither good for military nor for the nation.”


This coming from him is bit rich after all he has got from the army and still is getting and best part no scrutiny of his actions because of the respect for army .
He is still on some boards of some companies has made a fortune and is still making at 79 must be some sort of genius or must have some great knowledge or leadership skill because usually at this time most retire .
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General Ved Prakash Malik, P.V.S.M., A.V.S.M., served as Chief of the Army Staff of the Indian Army from October, 01 1997 to September, 30 2000. General Malik serves as Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee of India. Post retirement, he was nominated as a member of the National Security Advisory Board for two terms in 2001 and 2003. He serves as a Director of BSES Yamuna Power Limited. He was an Independent Director at Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company Limited since …


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