GD Goenka incident where the boy Arman Sehgal died to injuries can you imagine they put out a full front page ad for the school dont know wether it was to slow the news cycle but it sure did die down without a scratch on GD Goenka , what is amazing is the audacity to silence by ads and of newspapers to accept such ads at the juncture

Posted on Sep 11 2017 - 6:40pm by admin

Incident happened on 1 August 2017 and on 4 August 2017 a full front page ad appears , my point is the audacity of the GD Goenka school to put up an ad in such circumstances maybe it is PR exercise or buy influence and whatever it was it did do the trick the whole issue died down there wasnt the same hue and cry like the Ryan International School incident even though the Ryan school incident is gruesome but both incident have a similarity of glaring negligence and yet GD Goenka got away very lightly and GD Goenka is also making money big time and target a very elite segment in their school profile and strange the IT raids on GD Goenka School  didnt see any coverage guess buying influence does help but my other great question is basic ethics of the media which milks these guys for ads ,how is the media any better than these educational institutions and their owner just simply making money .

The media is hand and glove with these money making rackets in the name of education run by cronies of whosoever .

gd goenka ht ad

gd goenka 1 art 2nd

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