Filth floats at the top and in Delhi the wheeler dealer / fixer two bit hustler culture the incestuous mix of politicians , businessmen and media all in bed together and some of these scum are running the country and these filthy businessmen running billion dollar companies and these media scum feeding you shit and dividing society these people need to be spat on

Posted on Dec 28 2018 - 5:54am by admin

A glimpse of a few parties in Delhi and you get a view of the scum of the country and it includes the the who’s who and specially the super rich and you will see how they have made their money hobnobbing with the lowliest filth of the society the wheeler dealer and fixers and that you see is just the tip of the iceberg what goes on behind the scene the deals that struck and millions and even billions are made and equally split between all of them the ones who are running the country slimey billionaires and two bit wheeler dealers fixer and crumbs thrown at the media scum and everyone knows who they are and even worst they do all this in the open and what shocks is that legal machinery is not able to curb them and because some lawyers who back them up think they are above the system thats the power of this Oligarchy

Poor starve we are the poorest nation 80% of people in the country probably have about 10- 15 % wealth share while this 1% of 1% the super elite the cabal of wheeler dealers fixers and sucking this country dry own more than 50% of the wealth and party hard and its up yours to all of you and it cuts across party lines

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