DGC – 4 So Mr Kamal Nath gets Naresh Trehan a backdoor entry membership to the Delhi golf club ( most people will not understand the significance of the connection but it is something which can bring a lot of people down ) challenge NEWSLAUNDRY to do a story on this .

Posted on Jun 22 2016 - 8:38pm by admin

Mr Naresh Trehan the great doctor is all over – earlier on the Mallaya list and more importantly always at the page three parties with all the fixers / wheeler dealers etc and this little thing from one of his political buddies to get a Golf Club membership – does he even play golf and one wonders you have access to the whole of Delhi – why would you take a back door entrance and that specially on the back of Mr Kamal Nath – one knows the very close connection with certain family members

What one finds appalling is the audacity to lecture the media / journalists on journalistic ethics integrity by Ms Trehan and behaving like some DON of the media sorry those days are gone when you had the monopoly over the media

Like one has always said that the media game is just a front for the protection of interests and slowly it unravels

there is also on the list the Carlyle guy Neeraj Bhardwaj wasnt CARLYLE a major investor in MEDANTA – the PUNJ stake got sold to Temasek  – not that one is implying but one is wary after the VASAN EYE CARE episode and of the capital funding who knows what is going on

and as regards disclosure which Ms Trehan seems to have taught Arnab and then he came clean for us there is zero disclosure from your side and things we know and how they unravel slowly on their own –


Newslaundry should have been doing an article on the system of apartheid practiced by The Delhi Golf club instead Mr Trehan takes a back door entry to the club and thats how the game of fooling people goes on .


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