DGC – 3 Mr Najeeb Jung Is after all a BURRA SAHIB and his approval of 500 memberships in Lado Sarai golf club needs to be investigated .

Posted on Jun 22 2016 - 8:38pm by admin

Mr Najeeb Jung has had a very easy life played along with the system and made it well for himself and his family – LG of Delhi no wonder the people at the Golf club are happy they are after all family they think themselves to be the real power center of Delhi

what was the reason for Mr Najeeb Jung to grant 500 memberships in Lado Sarai golf club and again that too at a pittance and one can bet who made most of it were again those who couldnt get into the Delhi Golf Club and people connected to him in one way  or the other were obliged thats how this game works

Sorry to bring it in the Siri fort golf practice  range which was cheaper earlier  is now much more expensive and given to a guy is connected to the Delhi golf club and knows the young crowd seen some those there – not that one is hinting at anything but one often comes across such amazing coincidences all the time

As a LG you wield a lot of power and settle a lot of issues but one only sees you protecting the interests of the BURRA Sahibs and one has not even come to the question of land which are being granted or being occupied by the so called BURRA Sahibs

one would like to ask you what are you doing about the thousands of acres of DDA land under encroachment and specially the farm houses built on forest land though you did target ASOLA is it because of a BSP guy .

one could have said a lot will keep it short for now but really disappointed with you Mr Jung and let me tell you can have your good life but when history of this city is written the so called BURRA SAHIBS will be despised and generation spat on .

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