DGC – 2 The List of Mr Kamal Nath is the tip of the iceberg about the Delhi Golf club – the den of fixers / wheeler dealers and shows you how the rich and powerful mock the citizens of this country .

Posted on Jun 22 2016 - 8:38pm by admin

First of all the list is just a few names but very important as they have come from the backdoor and Mr Kamal Nath made a huge effort on their behalf and did the impossible to get them the golf club membership –

after all he extended the lease of this den of the BURRA SAHIBS as they refer to themselves so to enter the BURRA SAHIB s den you have got do something exceptional and Mr Nath did so

The list is interesting as it reveals the cronies and the nexus between some of these people and one can bet some of them dont know how to play golf

the nexus part is very important as it cuts across party lines Mukul Rohtagi is BJP guy and is the current attorney general – its these lawyers the top end who have used all their might to keep this den of nawabs alive and we should have nothing but contempt for them .

there is a nexus of business and you can clearly see and one connection stands out in particular of a batchmate of mine and the funny part is BJP is helping him out in a big way even though he is a Kamal Nath guy .


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