Delhi women’s biggest problems: Domestic violence, obscene calls

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Delhi women’s biggest problems: Domestic violence, obscene calls
181 HELPLINE In one year of formation, helpline has received five lakh calls from women in distress

NEW DELHI: Not only has the Delhi government’s women’s helpline 181 completed a year, but it has also emerged as a forum for women to share and highlight the problems they have been facing.

So far, the helpline has received nearly five lakh calls but only 41,000 could be answered. But that has not deterred the women of the city from seeking help at this helpline.
An analysis of the calls received revealed that obscene calls were the biggest problems the women were facing, followed closely by domestic violence.
“Nearly 25% of the callers complained of receiving obscene calls and 24% called to report domestic violence. Other women called to highlight problems such as stalking, sexual harassment, acid attack, kidnapping and abduction,” said a senior Delhi government official.
Officials also pointed out that nearly 16,000 of the 41,546 calls they received were blank.
Sexual harassment at work place, violence by khap panchayat, confinement by parents, mental harassment by family and child abuse also figured in the calls received on the helpline.
Every time a woman calls on the helpline, an executive notes down their details and inform the Delhi Police about the complaint.
All government hospitals have been asked to ensure that calls forwarded from the helpline are taken seriously and action is initiated soon. Even ambulances and hospitals have been asked to follow the helpline’s directions in any case.
“The helpline has proved very useful for women who never knew which door to knock on to highlight their grievance. With this helpline, their lot has become easier,” said the official.
Stalking is a major problem which the city’s women face, but officials complain that the police are not taking adequate and timely action on complaints they forward to the force.
Every month, the helpline used to analyse the calls received and mark out areas which used to get the highest number of complainants. But with a new gover nment at the helm of affairs, decision is yet to be taken on the review system of the helpline and the extension of the facility.

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