Deepinder Goyal should be asked by his investors to step down – screwing the brand Zomato with bullshit tweeting making a serious strategic error and shut up about the religion part behaving like a left liberal trash

Posted on Aug 22 2019 - 6:28pm by admin

Ha ! one should learn from Deepinder Goyal how to sink a good brand by trying to be too smart on twitter and talking about food and religion and then the audacity to rub it in – he has it coming the game has just started for him and Zomato West Bengal now NRAI he should see the pattern but instead the joker is taking them on sorry dude wrong place wrong time and the guy it seems has either no knowledge of the political game or is actually a left liberal trash himself to retweet a ass like PKR Prasanto and other such tweets he has stepped into a quagmire

This is what happens when you give a nobody in case you have forgotten Foodiebay so much funding that his head goes through the roof and he starts thinking he is some visionary of sorts sorry dude right place right time and a lot of funding you scaled up quickly as simple as that no big deal and many such founders have been scaled up by easy money but the true test is in sustaining in the long run

His investors should tell him to step down or curb his moron or there are many ways to screw up a good brand and hyenas of the  other brands will happily fill the vacuum and it will all collapse pretty swiftly if measures are not taken and the simplest measure is to sack Deepinder and tell him to shut up and fuck off

Deepinder should shut the fuck up and the investors should get some professionals to run the company instead of this joker trying to be a smart ass

literally screwing the brand with his bullshit tweeting and creating bad publicity for the brand utterly irresponsible and stupid makes you wonder is he high on something or what because he is messing with some very wrong people and religion bullshit trying to be or what is he trying to show here his left liberal credentials or something


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