Corpn plans mobile schools to teach kids of migrant labourers – ( Its is a very serious issue and someone somewhere thought of the migrant labourers children that is heartwarming gesture )

Posted on Jan 7 2019 - 6:39pm by admin

South Delhi Municipal Corporation education committee plans to run mobile schools/crèches to educate children of migrant labourers.

Primary schools of all three civic bodies have been witnessing alarming levels of drop-out rates, and the corporations have constantly argued that migration of parents in one of the major reasons behind the figures.

Nandini Sharma, chairperson of the committee, said these schools would run under Sarv Shiksha Abihiyan and exclusively focus on large construction sites where many labourers are employed. “The construction activity goes on for several years on many large projects. The children remain in the vicinity depriving them of education,” Sharma said.

The civic body plans to limit its expenditure on the project by bringing it under the ambit of Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan. “We will get the staff under this mission, while the expenditure will be limited to buses and drivers. This little step will help in educating and saving the future of thousands of kids,” she added.

As per the proposal mooted in the budget, only those sites would be selected which have construction period of four to six months.

The three-month crash courses would be provided under ‘3R’ scheme — basic reading, writing and arithmetic. “Many of these children have dropped out form one school or the other. At the end of three months, we want them to have some basic knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic, which will serve as basic life skills for them,” Sharma said.

The committee has proposed that a new head of account be made in the budget, which is estimated to be finalised by January-end in the house of councillors, this year to incorporate this “schools at construction site” project. Sharma has recommended Rs 1 crore be reserved for the project in the next financial year.

Corporation also plans to double the existing fleet of mobile health vans form two to four. These vans would be purchased under the school health scheme. Since most of the students in municipal primary schools come for economically disadvantaged backgrounds, another proposal to provide basic sanitation goods has also been approved.

“Many of our children fall ill due to lack of basic amenities. I have proposed a new head of account to provide hand driers, liquid soaps, napkins, hair brushes for lice, sanitary napkin vending machines at our schools,” Shar ma said.


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