Amity 1 – Its strange no one in the media has done any story on them like on IIPM as to who they are ? what are their financials ?- shut the media up with their ad blitz .

Posted on Jun 13 2016 - 8:04pm by admin

Every where you see there is this ad blitz by Amity – this where corporate leaders are searching for their future leaders – screams one banner – wonder what corporate’s are those and please name us some leaders you have produced

What exactly are your source of funding that you have expanded so rapidly and how is it that you control the group like you own it ?

the shocking part is the ads are being paid for by very people who will and have taken admission in AMITY –

one would like the so called media which is so high on ads from AMITY do a story on them and most importantly about their financials and the owners and one hears of some connection with Germany and red corner notice or some bungling .

What is this no profit no loss thing and how much money do the so called owners make and what is their vision /

They have been close to a certain HRD minister who was largely responsible for getting them off the ground .

lot of laundered money has come into education and one would like the media which is happily taking all the ads it can from AMITY  and some have also gone ahead given it very high rankings which one finds highly ethical and the best part is media never made disclosures on value of ads they have got from AMITY when they rank them and as for the NAAC ranking one takes it with a pinch of salt .


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