Ah! anti hindu cottage industry having a field day defaming the Kanwaria’s spot them and remember them these will be same ones keeping silent on Mullahs blaring loud speakers 5 times a day and coming on the roads to pray

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Though strictly against any form of hooliganism in the name of religion and there have been incidents in which Kanwaris have indulged in sheer violence which you see nearly everyday meted on police and security forces in Kashmir where the lynch mobs are waiting for them but still two wrong dont make a right and on the whole most of the Kanwarias are peaceful and on the journey of the faithful but what shocks is the attempt to blatantly malign them because of some incidents without discussing the other side and here one is showing the scum of the cottage industry which thrives on talking shit about Hindus and this is a festival which is feast for them it would have been better had they discussed how many Kanwarias have been injured and run over in accidents and why is it not better organised so no such incidents take place than putting it on Kanwarias and just keeping it simple abusing anything to do with Hindus as such

Below in the tweet you can see the Christian PR guy Dilip Cherian retweeting the Category 5 moron and some Stephanian Trash he thinks he lives under the commies of Bengal or Mamta maybe thats what it feels like in his eco friendly CR Park home beta outside your Bengali Ghetto there is another world by the way my apologies for using the word Christian for Dilip Bhai but his subtle and sly tweet cant mask his dislike for hindus which one sees is natural for any upper class Christian these days and this guy is supposed to be a powerful media guru of sorts so you can imagine how much influence he carries in the media and one has never used the word Christian or said anything about Christians as such but seeing their blatant bias which sometimes worse than these Sunni muslims one has had to use it and if they want to be with these Mullahs of Sunni variety so be it and they can learn from Pakistan as to how they treat them and Mr Cherian under the very Hindus you despise the Christians are the most prosperous minority and far more well off than Hindus .

As regards category 5 moron less said the better that stupid smile because she thinks its a compilment to be called a category 5 moron and has the Stephens tag by the way she can just step outside and come to Shahpur Jat to meet the Kanwarias and next time we hope to have a tent next to her house so this husband and wife ca n see how decent the Kanwarias are .

By the way its these Bengalis like Category 5 and Stephenian with blazer on would like to ask them what happens in CR Park during Durga Puja traffic jams all over and the colonies of GK and Kalkaji bear the brunt for days and even their parking space is taken up and then there are concerts and singing contest music playing in the night can be heard for miles and do the people of Kalkaji or GK complain no they join in the celebrations and sure they get inconvenience about the traffic parking noise etc but are all ok about it  no one comes on Twitter to say what nuisance noise pollution no sense of traffic etc so these bastards like Sagarika and Prashanto clearly display their bias for North Indians  and Hindus in general and let me tell one has lived right next to CR Park so one is not talking about off hand and there are Durga Puja celebrations all over and we all also join in so take your bullshit Bengali Chauvinism bias up your ass and Stephens trash go lick the mullah fascist ‘s ass  in Bengal

Though hooliganism is unacceptable in way .

By the way Sagarika right behind your house in Shahpur Jat these Kanwars are if not more they are no less to you in terms of wealth and income and most of the Kanwarias from Delhi villages are the same in that regard some could even buy your 1000 gaj ki kothi as regards employment we all know how you Stephen sifarshi trash like you Prashanto are thriving

kan sag

below the three idiots Samar Halankar his Sindhan abusing Hindu gods their benefactors LAL’s of EICHER /India Spend government should see to it that their loud noisy bikes are shut down on the roads for noise pollution

then some ugly butt face with a brahmin arrogance and attitude whose godfather is this Dilip CHerian otherwise never heard of this crap

kan 3 idiot

And this Stephanian Trash from the Bengali Ghetto of CR Park thinks he is living in West Bengal or something and another question certain charges he has made here does have evidence and if so why not file a police complaint he is only relevant because of the Stephens tag otherwise

kan 1

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