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One is with you if are kind and compassionate .

One of our objectives is to make the government and its agencies more responsible to the people specially those at the edge of existence , one is not shocked but angry at the media / media owners for misleading the people and being the first line of protection for all the politicians and criminals , its not what they say its the part they dont say and for that these media owners operating as dons in the real sense are operating under the garb of media / news / journalism etc building  business empires and the best part is no one dares to touch them and we know why .

We want to make people aware that these so called men/ women who under garb of media are the one who are involved in leveraging media for their own personal interests , all that you see ,yes there are news stories and articles which are good and expose to some level of the wrongs but they are just  small timers who are exposed .

These media owners are in bed with the powers that be and there is amazing nexus between politicians / media owner / business etc there is an unsaid rule they never touch anyone within that circle , so what we are fed is load of crap on a daily basis by some journalists scrounging for crumbs or break into that elite circle and we know those journalists too .

Why dont all these so called media owners declare their assets and liabilities for transparency ? How is that they are exposing and judging everyone and yet they themselves are not judged about their ethical and moral forget that it is almost criminal practices in regards to Media and Journalism and how they used media as tool of leverage to build vast business empires on the side .

Most important of all the way they fool us all , for what we all see is this image of they trying to check wrongs in the society instead its just a sham the real deal how these media owners and their families collude with the powers that be and keeping silent of  their wrongdoing in turn a largess is bestowed upon them for that .

As we are nobodies just a common citizen  we will try and get these powerful media / media owners to atleast come out clean with their wheeling and dealing and they declare their assets and liabilities and a disclosure about their connections with politicians and business . 



If she made me an arrow i shall find my mark  jai mata di .

Jai hind .

Vande Matram .

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