AAP – Power corrupts – Arnab rips apart these high lifer netas ( # AAP KAHAN HAI ) shocking details / betrayal of the people / first class travel aam admi indeed

Posted on Sep 13 2016 - 5:17pm by admin

# aap kahan hai by Arnab reveled some shocking details of the love of the foreign junket of these AAP netas and living life – first class – these people who showed that they traveled by metro and some small maruti car suddenly want to travel not business class but first class and the disgusting part is this culture of foreign junkets on tax payers money which one scoffed at and despised those elected members from Bangalore went to Brazil while farmers were dying in Karnataka and those Mumbai municipal councilors went to Andaman’s for a junket – but these guys in our own backyard in Delhi are on a junket trips and specially first class life

these is the big betrayal of the people of Delhi – these guys pretended to some common people and now look at the enjoying the high life – one had written about Manish Sisodia at page 3 parties – how did he get the time and then to socialize with very people they despised and now his foreign trips

people in Delhi are dying from a epidemic – first all let us be clear the official numbers are very low and are based on government estimates the actual numbers are 100 times more people have gotten treated privately and then there are those suffering silent dengue in poor slums

One expected much better from AAP because they werent like other parties as they said but instead they are turning out to be far worse them and the people who are incharge are not even in Delhi on junkets or campaigning somewhere what sort of nonsense is this

shameful and very disappointing because people expected a lot more from AAP instead they turn out to be even worse and then start blaming others for their incompetence and worse no one can question them


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