AAP and journalists on board – Under the garb of journalism the worst sort of filth floats – these two bit criminals , power brokers , wheeler dealers etc – so fuck you no respect we know what lowlifes you are under the garb of journalists .

Posted on Jun 3 2016 - 8:29pm by admin

What sort shit is AAP upto and now doing all this giving so called compromised journalists places in the governing councils of colleges – this is corruption in our book forget unethical and really quite disgusted with this attempt by the AAP to win over these filth in the name of journalism and the top being Saba Naqvi .

these so called fucking journalists actually they dont deserve to be called that because they just use it to get access and are the worst sort of criminals – in case people have this delusion that they are here to do some good or do their job of reporting they are instead here to make money simple as that and for that they will kill , suck up to anyone who can throw them a few crumbs thats the level of these pigs ,

they use their so called journalist badge to threaten malign and even resort to the worst sort of blackmail in the end their game is only money and for that they compromise every single moral and ethical value – they are the worst sort of people and should be considered by society as criminals

the media owners who suck onto the powers that be and not only crawl for them but even do a hit job on you the citizen as they are hand in glove with them and everyone knows their game their businesses built only because they are cronies of the power that be .

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