90% and will land up in Delhi university land up doing useless courses and wasting 3 years – BA Pass, B.com, English ,history , pol sci hons etc

Posted on Jun 2 2016 - 9:20am by admin

so after getting 90% you think you have arrived and do manage to get in Delhi University in some useless courses which have no value in the real world where you have to make a living instead you land up wasting 3 years for a shitty degree and  course which you will hardly apply – really why do they have these courses in the first place like BA pass , B.com pass , english hons , history hons etc and the worst part is they are taught by teachers who have no passion and are just collecting their salaries – with such sub standard quality of education one wonders was it worth it for a student to slog like a fool to land up in these stupid courses and then waste three years .

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