There have been some efforts to improve flow of traffic but it is still a mess the Sikander crossing under the Metro full of potholes and is a chaotic place and worse is now add to the mess of shared autos there are now electric autos , the ones operated by the companies are well behaved to an extent but the chinese made ones which one suspects are illegal have no lights on nothing and same lawless rides .

All this great thing to make Gurgaon power cut free specially the sectors 1- 56 is only on paper and dont know if they have a plan for a grid and sub stations to end power cuts because on the ground it is power cuts even now at this time of the year and the old polluting generators kick in .

The menace of guest houses continues unabated and is increasing day by day and brands have entered the fray to grab rooms and guest houses wherever they can find like OYO, FAB, TREEBO etc and this sort of illegal rackets that flourish in these guest houses everyone knows and the authorities take no action ,they operating from right inside residential areas and disrupting water and electricity supply and also the sewerage and worst they operate generators which are old and not put according to the pollution control guidelines and tons of other illegalities and yet they are not only untouched but are thriving .

The question of illegal encroachments now you see them all over any vacant piece of land and its grabbed up and it is active collusion of the authorities .

Nobody is bothered about Gurgaon Pollution , one has seen waste burning on a regular occasion and worst they burn plastic and rubber and toxic materials and yet no one is hauled up .

The menace of drunkards is all to obvious to see and they roam and drive around with impunity , only once in while they are caught otherwise it is useless , throw a stone and you will find a Liquor shop and the government which lives of the revenues from Liquor what action will it take .

Criminal cattle smugglers are not only injuring people but now killing thats the level they have now graduated it to and everyone knows where they come from .





2016 November – Mr Modi has shown the Gurgaon has importance in his scheme of things – Mr Khattar has seen to it that there were demolitions along the Badashapur Drain and announced various schemes for Gurgaon specially relating to traffic situation and roads have been sanctioned – not heard much on Gurgaon Development Authority – law and order should be major concern – seen police stations being built up and upgraded – healthcare and education is largely in private hands and its bad for those depending on the government – encroachment is a major problem ,public transportation is yet be implemented – most important pollution is worse than Delhi in Gurgaon .

2016  June July  – welcome to the water world and its free of cost thats how bad the traffic situation was in the rains and lets not even talk of the condition of the roads – definitely need more traffic cops and is glad that they have been sanctioned but more importantly the companies doing construction work need to keep the road in conditions that traffic doesnt stall, the bigger menace of generators adding to outdoor and internal pollution no regulation and they are spewing poison in the air into peoples homes , encroachments are serious problem and are being done openly with collusion and officials looking the other way .

2016 FEB

What to say of Gurgaon – its only going downhill – the law and order situation is bad and getting worse / gangsters are killing out in the open – there is simply no fear of the law here – its just like boomtown on the edge anything goes .

the roads are in a bad shape and getting worse – MCG is not responsive and HUDA is giving its sectors away for the MCG to take care of them  , while the private developers now are also getting rid of private colonies and their upkeep having used them and now dumping them ,

the whole city during summer will be one big island of medieval smokestacks rising out every house and building the ones seen during the industrial age – no this is modern version of industrial age and it runs on generator fumes / lack of power in summer though strange it may sound it is power surplus state / though the Khattar government says this summer there will be no power cuts due some new structure in place for New Gurgaon sectors 1 – 56 very much doubt it will happen .

water is another issue

illegal encroachment is utterly rampant any empty inch of land is taken by someone or the other even the green belts are now not being spared





what is government doing about the menace of guest houses – there have been so many rape cases at these guest houses had this been in Delhi all them would have been shut down by now and only the ones running legally would have been allowed , there is no regulation which allows all sorts of rackets to flourish in these guest houses they are a threat and nuisance for residents and they are operating from right inside residental  areas which is illegal but get away by connections and bribes ,karol bagh and paharganj are no match for the guest house industry of Gurgaon and it is well organised racket with all sort of illegalities taking place right under the nose of the authorities and they not taking any action one wonders why ,


city is more polluted than Delhi and traffic situation is getting worse day by day

Desawal – Sindhu – Rakesh Mittal – Navdip Singh Virk

Gurgaon could be one the highest per capita district in the country and the private housing infrastructure and the gleaming office complexes are some of the best yet behind all this is a stark reality of poor government infrastructure and this is the case for the prime area of the state from where it gets it maximum revenue ,

the state has surplus power yet there are such severe power cuts in a city like Gurgaon / power tariff is already very high and on top of that people are paying for private power @ of 13 – 16 rupees per unit – while in Delhi power prices are being cut and is supplied without any cuts .

water again is problem and people have to rely on water tankers and this im talking of prime areas while private complexes have bore wells

most roads are in a pathetic conditions and the roads on which some sort of projects are taking place they just leave it in a bad condition  in turn compromising the safety of the road users and its not that they dont realize the implication of such unsafe conditions which have resulted in injuries and fatalities , its just they dont care because they arent taken to task ,otherwise one can see how Delhi metro operates with all precautions ,no blockages and roads are not broken – other such measure to ensure a smooth flow of operations.

other major issue is policing and resident /builder issues

march 2015

rains and the whole city is thrown out of gear / roads flooded /traffic chaos


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