Current break up of how the money is being spent would be very helpful for reference – how much money spent on ads as this has caused a considerable uproar – how much money is being spent on acquiring new buses – another point why are you acquiring buses / when the DTC is under heavy losses first fix that and why not work in public private model in running buses with a exit clause for the private company – as regards the new buses and where to park them it is cheaper to buy land at 5 cr acre than build multi – level parking for buses as of now though on longer term such measure will have to be taken .

feb 2015

like the idea – Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said the people of Delhi would form their own budget as part of a “new experiment.”



still not much clarity about the budget , maybe after the Delhi elections


havent actually had a solid look at the budget just read that a lot of money is going to spent on flyovers and buses and that the plans to buy buses is a bit stalled as there is no space to park them need more bus depots , one agrees with idea of public transportation and we need lots of it but the question is why should the Delhi government spend so much money and be in the business of transportation in the first place and that too which runs in serious losses when a certain part of it can be given to a reputable corporates which can run it efficiently and profitably but then thats another matter is it ,

the other thing why is so much money spent on building more roads Delhi already has one of the best road infrastructure laid out in the country and it bigger than next 5 big metros in India one can agree that the vehicle count is huge but then something needs to be done about that rather than just keep building roads there are far more important infrastructure concerns like why isnt water provided to each and every house in Delhi it is again a question of misplaced priorities and spending of money ,

also why arent more hospitals being built with world class facilities why is it now that either you go private hospital and be in debt or go to a government hospital which are not upto the mark ,cant there be a facility where the government charges a certain amount equal to the treatment like  you now have AC buses you can a higher grade of medical facilities which dont cost a bomb ,

and then the other issue of how money is spent extravagantly the over costing of various projects which where the money is being lost .



Budget Delhi By Arun Jaitley


No new tax in Delhi Budget; Rs 260 cr for power subsidy

Source – THE HINDU – PTI

Proposing no new taxes in the Budget for Delhi, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday announced subsidy of Rs 0.80 to Rs 1.20 per unit to small power consumers as also a slew of measures like low floor buses, sanitation and multi-speciality hospital in Rohini.

The Rs 36,776 crore budget for Delhi was presented in Parliament as the state is currently under the President’s rule.

Proposing the Budget for 2014-15, Mr. Jaitley said no new tax has been proposed in Delhi and added that more night shelters would be set up in the National Capital Territory area.

A multi-speciality hospital will come up in Rohini and 50 dialysis centres in the different parts of NCT. Also four new sewage treatment plants have been planned for Delhi.

The government has earmarked Rs 260 crore for power subsidy.

read more at – http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/no-new-tax-in-delhi-budget-rs-260-cr-for-power-subsidy/article6224928.ece


Budget of delhi govt 1

2012 – 2013     33,436 cr
while govt planned allocation  15000 cr
non planned allocation   18268 cr

sector wise allotment 15000cr
860 cr energy
1737 cr social security welfare
1800 cer water supply sanitation
3372 cr transport
2234 cr urban dev housing
2124 cr medical public health
1910 cr edu
972 cr others

earnings 26150 cr through taxes
7286 from other sources
Where the rupee comes from ,

3 % from central assistance
2% capital relief
3% grants
2% non tax revenue
78% tax revenues
12% utilization of opening balance

where it goes
6% energy
6% other
12% social security
12% water supply sanitation
13% education
22% transportation
15% urban dev and housing
14% medical and public health


Dikshit presented a Rs.37, 450 crore budget for 2013-14 on Wednesday with a spate of schemes for various sections and infrastructure development and no fresh taxes.

Sheila presented a populist budget with an eye to the Delhi assembly elections scheduled later this year.

The budget allocates Rs.16, 000 crore for plan expenditure, Rs.21, 000 crore for non-plan expenditure, and Rs. 450 crore for centrally sponsored schemes.

Like last year, 65% has been earmarked for social sector with a total proposed outlay of Rs. 10, 359 crore.

Government has not proposed any fresh taxes while various commodities have been exempted from the tax net.

While there will be no tax on chilly spray used for woman’s self defense, pencil boxes and geometry boxes, organiccolors, rock salt, singhada (water-chestnut) and kuttu (buck-wheat) flour have also been exempted.

Footwear priced up to Rs. 500 has been exempted from Valued Added Tax (VAT).

Taxes on various other products have been slashed. VAT on desi ghee (purified butter) has been reduced from 12.5 percent to 5 percent, and taxes on LED lights also lowered.

The government expects to generate Rs.30, 454 crore from taxes.

Dikshit said the monthly pensions for senior citizens, differently-abled people and for women in distress has been increased from Rs.1, 000 to Rs.1, 500.

Trans-genders or eunuchs living in the capital for the last 3 years will get a monthly grant of Rs.1, 000.

Dikshit said the fiscal deficit would be reduced from Rs.2, 921 crore in 2012-13 to Rs.1,268 crore in 2013-14.

She said Delhi registered a 9% growth rate against the national average of 5%.

Dikshit also noted that the capital contributes 3.8 per cent to the national GDP and the per capita income is three times higher than the national average.

“We have taken path-breaking initiatives. Six new universities were established in Delhi. We have increased the capacities of hospitals from 24,025 to about 43,500 while other facilities have also been improved,” she said.

Medical and public health facilities have been allocated Rs.2, 490 crore, 15.56% of the gross budget.

“There is an increase of 33 per cent in the allocation. I want Delhi to be the health and well-being capital of the country with emphasis on the holistic development of the sector,” Dikshit said.

The lion’s share in allocations has gone to the transport department, at Rs.3, 876 crore, accounting for 24.23 percent of the total approved outlay. This will fund 625 low-floor and 1,100 other buses to ply in Delhi this year.

The water sector has been allocated Rs.1, 665 crore, while Rs.1, 840 crore of 11.5% of the outlay has been marked for urban development.

(with inputs from IANS)

Highlights of the Delhi budget for 2013-14 presented on Wednesday by Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit:

– Financial support of Rs.1,000 per month for transgenders living in Delhi for at least 3 years.

– Monthly aid of Rs.1,500 for senior citizens, differently-abled person and women in distress.

– Two new hostels, one each for boys and girls, for blind university students.

– Residential school for scheduled castes/Scheduled Tribes/other backward class/minorities students

– One-time grant of Rs.100,000 to RWAs which offer to provide house essential equipment and open the facility to public at no profit no loss basis.

– 100 new ambulances to be procured for Centralised Accident & Trauma Services (CATS).

– Rs.5 crore fund for the welfare of journalists of Delhi.

– Rs.150 crore to improve level of civic services in industrial estates.

– Seven new hospitals and nine new dispensaries.

– Five new Rajakiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya (RPVV), and one RPVV for exclusive science. Thirty-four new school buildings to be completed in 2013-14.

– Skill Development Centre to come up at Jaunapur.

– Ownership rights to be granted for 45 JJ resettlement colonies.

– New water treatment plant of 31 MGD at Palla.

– Procurement of 625 low floor and 1,100 other buses.

– Eight thousand new auto rickshaws for corporate houses on the lines of radio taxis.

– Desi ghee, LED lights to be cheaper.

– Refuse Derived Fuel also to get cheaper.

– No Value Added Taxes (VAT) on chilly spray used for woman’s self defence, pencil boxes and geometry boxes.

– Organic colours, rock salt, singhada (water-chestnut) and kuttu (buck-wheat) flour also exempted of VAT.

– Footwear priced up to Rs.500 exempted from VAT.

– Penalty up to 80 percent to be mitigated for dealer, who voluntarily admit their tax liability.

– Uniform tax period for all dealers irrespective of their quarterly turnovers.

– New tax facility of online registration under the Delhi Value Added Tax Act and Central Sales Tax Act.


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New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today said that the union budget 2013-2014 is a clever attempt by the government to mislead public in an election year. “In his speech, the finance minister acknowledged key problems facing the Indian economy such as fiscal deficit and slowdown of growth. But the budget does not provide any remedies to these problems,” said AAP member Manish Sisodia. Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP slammed Chidu’s budget. Agencies. He said that the budget was a disappointment as spending on various welfare schemes have remained static or have been reduced as compared to the actual expenditure in the year before. “In 2013-14 expenditure on agriculture and allied activities, rural development, irrigation and flood control, welfare of scheduled tribes, has actually gone down compared to the actual expenditure of the previous year. A similar comparison of the expenditure on health and education shows a marginal increase that barely keeps pace with inflation,” said Sisodia. AAP member Yogendra Yadav said that the latest union budget was drafted under political compulsion. “On one hand, they say they have levied ten percent surcharge on people earning more than Rs 1 crore annually. On the other, government has given huge tax benefits to such people. This is nothing but misleading people.” Arun Kumar, economist in Jawaharlal Nehru University and AAP sympathiser, said, “The government has to make up its mind on whether it is concerned about the citizens of India or international rating agencies. From the latest budget, it appears that the government thinks only about the latter.” Kumar added that the FM’s claims about increasing outlays in key sectors is a clear case of statistical fudging. “The increase claimed by the FM is in reference to the drastically reduced expenditure. In most cases the rise in budget allocations is barely enough to cover inflation. In real terms there is no increase in spending for the aam aadami. The FM has also used the age old devise of distracting public attention with the help of some gimmicks that cost very little,” he said.

Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/india/budget-2013-is-govt-trying-to-please-rating-agencies-or-india-asks-aap-643931.html?utm_source=ref_article

New Delhi: Presenting the 15th consecutive budget of her government, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday put focus on social sector projects in an election year when her party will approach voters for a record fourth term in the capital.

In her budget speech in Delhi Assembly this evening, the last in her third term, she expressed confidence that the city government is on track to grow on nine per cent compared to five per cent of the national level.

She also outlined the development activities taken up by her government in several sectors, including infrastructure, health, water and transport.

This is the consecutive third term of Dikshit-led Congress government in the capital, which will go to polls in November.

“Delhi is on the track to grow on nine percent compared to five per cent of national average… The per capita income in Delhi is Rs 2,01,083. It has gone up by five times since this government took over. In 1998 when we came to power it was Rs 40,060,” she said.

Presenting a Rs 37,450 crore budget for the next fiscal, she said Rs 16,000 crore has been earmarked as plan outlay.

Out of the total plan outlay, she said, a whopping Rs 10,351 crore has been earmarked for social sector projects.

Dikshit said her government has constructed 65 flyovers during a period 2009-13, the first four years of her third term. Delhi will go to poll later this year.

On the health front, she said she wanted Delhi to be the health and wellbeing capital of the country with emphasis on the holistic development of the sector.

There is an increase of 33 percent in the allocation for health sector from Rs 1,872 crore to Rs 2,419 crore, she said.


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