DDA is a giant honey pot in which a  lot of people are making their fortunes in various ways and no government or anyone is bothered to take on these people and if cases are made out against those who committed not small but huge illegalities the DDA itself doesnt bother to punish them or atleast make a clean start .


2016 November DDA observing vigilance week and its farce as they havent done anything about land issues and to bring transparency ,worst of all scam in the payments to temporary workers and active collusion of a lot people .


DDA one wants to know what are they doing about the 10000 acres of prime land encroached upon and that too with active collusion of DDA officials and can they please provide an online list of the land encroached upon so people know about it – the funny part is HUDA in Gurgaon actually fixes responsibility of the encroached land on people in their department who responsible for that section of land and goes ahead registers cases on them and fires them while DDA does nothing there something terribly rotten going on with everybody in on this scam .


DDA should stop wasting public money and stop building these shitty apartments

another one which passed everyones notice the opening of 500 memberships for the lado sarai golf club , why membership when it has a pay and play provision again its very clever way to create a cozy club and let me tell these memberships went real cheap and do they have a liquor licence now ,why would you have a membership system for a public golf course that in itself is a scam .

siri fort sports club buys body building equipment worth 4 crore thats mind boggling and then hands over the gym to private party to operate isnt that amazing – though they have been raided for that but there are larger irregularities going on all over these sports complexes

these sports complexes the tender process as to who gets the tender the terms is another scam

the other scam is DDA splurging public money on themselves – example DDA officers club in siri fort what a terrible waste of money and the corruption with the jhankar guy on the other  side .

please release the list of encroached land for the public to see

the biggest corruption in the DDA is that 10000 acres of its land is encroached upon and the best part it is in collusion with DDA officials , how come no one is held responsible for the encroachment , the Jhankar banquet , dda officers club siri fort etc are just minor examples , the person encroaches and then it goes on with active collusion and then files a case against the DDA with top lawyers fighting for him her from the money made off the encroached land and keeps on dragging the case which any good lawyer can do for them ,

while the DDA officers are multimillionaires on the side , what a amazing set up all this the best part is no one is ever caught


why is DDA building shitty apartments still , they are architectural eye sores and massive corruption rackets ,terribly low standards of construction cheap building materials etc

The problem of installing’ lifts’ in DDA apartments .

Good idea by Shri Arun Goel to develop unused DDA land for playing purposes .

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