As one said earlier the TUCCHA’s are more resilient and will strike back in myriads  of  way even if you take their right of a Red Beacon on top of their heads , see a lot of these Tucchas mostly not from Delhi have to show their power and status and have some board next to their number plate of Chairman , Pradhan etc of shitty place or institution and this cuts across party lines the small flag of the party in the front and then we have elite sophisticated with their mega SUV’s or some super car and have announced their status and some even go beyond and must have seen some SUV or supercars with a Gypsy crammed with personal body guards chasing the rashly driven car they are supposed to protect and telling people to get on the side they are another breed of Tuccha’s and usually these are rustic new minted the sophisticated ones keep it low and out of sight .


Bravo Mr Modi for getting rid of this lal batti VIP TUCCHA culture but this is just the tip of the iceberg the real VIPs are far sophisticated who practice a modern day apartheid in very smart ways these brown sahibs of the Delhi Golf Club , GYMKHANA etc these very people who despise the common people and think they are the center of power .

VIP culture is back with a bang and one now sees two bit officials with red beacons atop their cars and in public places this bullshit of VVIP culture persists with a vengeance and one has observed it is usually TUCCHA kind of low life with low self esteem kinda people who like to flaunt these symbols or show they are some VVIP and avail benefits under such a label of VIP , simple solution is tattoo it on their forehead in bold VIP so that everyone knows what lowlife TUCCHA is here .


Heard from someone that they actually had a board at Delhi Gymkhana ” Maids and Dogs not allowed ” just a few years back until my lawyer friend objected to it and they still don’t allow maids inside even if the member wants to pay for it and this again from a socially conscious lawyer who is terribly disturbed about it .

This VVIP culture / apartheid will go on as it has support / beneficiaries the top end of power structure the officers of Law / army /media / politicians / businessmen etc – they are the who’ s who of the country – like the British whites who ruled India and kept the natives out of the club with a sign” Indian and dogs not allowed ” they have invented clever ways to keep the general population out of these preserves of the modern day brown sahibs – so that these bastards can have some subsidized food and daru , when they can bloody well afford to pay for it – while people die of hunger on the streets of Delhi – one hopes in time there is history written of these rotten bastards who lived off subsidy while people starved – they and their families are named and shamed –

trust me these people are so called respected officers of law / army / media / journalists / artists / politicians / multimillionaire businessmen etc



VVIP culture is not only about a red light on top of a car the lal batti syndrome ,it is more than that , it exist in various forms cozy clubs of schools ,colleges and most importantly these so called membership clubs where government land the land that belongs to the public is given to these so called brown sahibs the modern day nawab’s over which they lord and live a subsidized life at the cost of poor which starving right outside the gates of these so called clubs while they feast away and then have the audacity in this day and age to mock people who are not members as some lowlifes ,the worst part is they are some of the most well off and yet take subsidy , these peoples names should be put up for the people to see , one would be shocked to see the names of some the most prominent well respected people who are part of this racket of cozy club VVIP nonsense and actually using all their power and influence to perpetuate this culture of VVIP elitist crap for people like themselves ,its literally a culture of elitist VVIP apartheid and one has pointed a few examples below ,even the court observed the same thing which is a very strong remark ,

these schools , colleges these clubs like the golf club , IIC ,The Delhi gymkhana etc hijacked by some brown sahibs in the garb of memberships and the amazing part is the corruption that takes place during election no morals no ethics ,these people are supposed to be respected ,these fauji s , bureaucrats ,officers of law etc fighting like criminals for running these clubs , sorry no respect for any these and one knows the corrupt ones too their time will come ,

these clubs have rules like British masters their forefathers would have served or sucked upto ,ah ! the dress, full pants, formal shoes etc the gym khana , really , why not dhoti kurta these are native clothing and should have first rights but like one says these so called angrez ki aulad types never forget their British masters even now , why doesnt the government put an end to this nonsense and throw these debauched members  made well in life and some have more than the fair share of money and properties one knows of many but still want the status of these clubs one wonders why , the wheeler dealers fixers of Delhi be given subsidy .

these place should be open for all and most of all there should be parity of usage no membership why only for these elites , the new golfing talent is coming from caddies who  usually take what ever space is given to learn and practice ,

as for the gymkhana do they have the licences for water fire sanitation etc and this bullshit of dress code – screw you and take your  bullshit somewhere else ,these debauched members hankering for some subsidized booze – so bugger off , the nation owes you no respect for all this VVIP elitist crap there are poor dying in the city from hunger everyday while we have to adhere to a British version of a dress code , this not your private property where you will do your mauj , specially these debauched corrupt variety species who thrive in these kind of situations ,

the courts and government should put end to all this VVIP elitism apartheid of these modern day nawabs end this system of membership in the first play and introduce a system of parity and special rights for those who cannot dare enter these clubs except as some kind of helps be given special rights and discounts to the services of the club and their excess space be converted into shelters for the homeless in winters and extreme summers .

why does the gulmohar park club such excess of land which is not accessible for people of near by areas like gautam nagar and DDA flats, is it placate the journalist colony or what and same is the case for all these colonies with these clubs .

DELHI GYMKHANA, DELHI GOLF COURSE ,IIC etc are some the clubs mentioned there are lot of these exclusive enclaves of these modern day nawabs where they practice their VVIP apartheid live on subsidized food and booze while citizens of this country die outside these clubs from cold and hunger , how can this sort of nonsense be allowed in this day and age and then the audacity of these members to use their power wealth influence to shut down any voices against them , well they can do whatever against me , go the court ,threats of violence and other means one doesnt give a damn and one will hit them harder so please do whatever .






The Delhi Golf Club and the culture of VVIP neo brown sahibs – Colonial hangover – Indian’s and dogs not allowed



Why has the Government of India favored the Delhi Golf Club with very permissive lease terms and low annual rents that have no relationship to the actual value of the land?



Babu Quota in Delhi’s Sanskriti School Like ‘Racial Segregation’, Says Court





roads / malls /hospitals/

respect Arnab for running this # EndVVIPRaj  campaign  25 and 26 feb 2015

these so called modern day brown sahibs


NDTV  campaign against this VIP culture

Remember the time you were stuck in traffic because a VIP was passing through? Or the time you have had a long day at work and are really looking forward to get back home, but then at the toll you were made to wait for an extra hour, because a VIP had to go first? Or that time when you are quietly standing in line for hours, but some VIP comes along and is allowed in before you? Well, we at NDTV think it’s now time for all this to stop!

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