Dont see much improvement and Gurgaon is the worst in this regard the utter lawlessness and molesters and drunkards roaming around with it now being a den of high end criminals who have bought their criminals warfare on the streets and these dens of trafficking illegal guest houses who is giving them protection and letting them operate illegally .




Its just the start of the year to make comments and moreover there is going to be a new Police commissioner Mr Verma who replaces B.S.Bassi – the achievement was efficiency of the Odd / Even scheme implementation where the Traffic police under Muktesh Chander did good job and didn’t let falter into chaos .




the crime situation has become bad , how are these gangs operating with such impunity and one hears of these shoot outs in south delhi , the cases of petty crimes which are not even reported have seen a big increase though complaints are being registered , conviction is low , the other aspect is how is organised crime flourishing in Delhi with such ease

the recent uzbek murder cases bought some spot light on sex slavery in the city with a lot of people taking a cut from it , then there are betting rackets drug rackets and money laundering which hardly comes light , the biggest being the property mafia , do you mean to tell police is unware of all this .


crime is still a major concern as it has according to the stats put, increased by a 100% in Delhi – reasons ease of filing FIR ‘s now .

13 November


Utter lawlessness in Gurgaon and one is talking from personal experience and many people one has talked to , all say there is  just no security in Gurgaon , people are drinking out in the open ,inside colonies , creating nuisance and the worst is there so much talk of women safety these very goons right under the nose of the police are harassing women playing loud vulgar suggestive music and passing lewd comments and  no one is doing anything about it the cops say you have to complain only then they might take action depending on the circumstances wether the goon is connected or not and this happening in upscale colonies with expensive houses and yet the security level is on this level where criminal roam free and not only that no one can do anything about it .



25th October

Its not good sign for law and order situation in the city when police personnel are getting shot /killed and are being  assaulted ,these incidents are not some stray incidents but have been taking place on a regular basis for the past few months .

On Diwali day there were many cases of violence and many were related to bursting of crackers ,why can’t there be a zoning law for bursting crackers ? they should be burst in a open space away from residential areas and the time limit should be strictly enforced, simple steps will ensure a better celebration of the festival instead it lapsing into some nightmare for people.



6th August 2014

Two incidents one these so called people creating a ruckus with their whole gang of so called fake PSOs and the other case of a brutal stabbing caught on CCTV in broad daylight highlights the level of crime in the city , criminals have a free run in most areas and people live under fear and terror of such criminals and then there are these so called well connected criminals who now roam around with criminals dressed up as some sort of PSO s who are armed and creating terror in and around Delhi on behalf of these people .

how can this nonsense be allowed to go on in this day and age one has lived in Delhi and come across such situations on regular basis and it seems nothing has changed .

I can understand police is under political pressure in some cases but in this age of such close media scrutiny anyone who is giving patronage to such criminals that politician or persons goes down with them and moreover the judiciary is very pro active so incase there is any lapse the police will be or is hauled up and moreover civil society is very vigilant so the police should do its job with full sincerity and without fear and the police knows who these criminals are and if they want can bring down crime dramatically .


1 August 2014

Delhi Police is becoming  quick and responsive and one does notice there have been efforts to control and curb crime ,to make the police a more effective it needs more technology tools and better vehicles the Gypsy is outdated and needs quick reaction mobile bike squads which can reach far flung hard to reach areas get them modified get higher  end bikes .


Delhi Police to curb organised crime through increased fine


Crime against women continues to plague the national capital as four women are raped and nine molested in Delhi every day. Delhi police has registered 1,559 cases of rape and 3,347 cases of molestation in 2013, as against 680 rapes and 653 molestation cases in 2012.

An analysis of the crime statistics of 2013, released by Delhi police on Friday, reflects a horrible story of soaring crime graph with 43% increase in crimes all across the capital.However, Delhi Police claims to have solved around 90% of the crimes against women and attributed the increase in crime statistics to its policy of giving primary importance to registration of crime. Besides, more than 96% of accused in rape cases are acquaintances or relatives of the victim. As the number of rapes has increased, Delhi Police would be filing chargesheet in every case within 20 days and if there is some delay it would be immediately brought into notice of the special commissioner and then to the police chief. Delhi police would also be writing to Delhi government suggesting to include self defence training as compulsory subject for girls at the age of six or seven.“I don’t want to go into statistics. Crime against women is a major concern. We will make sure that every individual especially women will feel safe and secure in the capital,” Delhi Police commissioner Bhim Sain Bassi told reporters. He also announced that every Delhi Police personnel, barring a few senior officials would undergo compulsory seven days training in 2014, to remain updated with changing technology and laws concerning policing here in the capital.In 2014, 306 women sub inspectors, 1,300 women constables would be recruited to ensure that complaints of women are handled and investigated properly. Also, women police personnel have been deployed in 100 PCR vans to ensure swift action, if any women is in distress.Other than crime against women, robbery, snatching, motor vehicle theft and attempt to murder has seen a staggering increase this year. “We will ensure maximum presence of police on ground in 2014 to tackle crimes on streets,” Bassi added.Delhi has a porous border, with more than 100 entry points — unlike other metros in the country — that contributes to the crime rate. Interestingly, this year also 20.74% of murders in total 487 murders took place due to sudden provocation and trivial reasons, reflecting Delhiites continue to live on short fuse.Also Delhi traffic police has recovered a huge amount of Rs59.34crores from drunken drivers and impounded 71,125 vehicles and executed 39,24621 challans.


Crimes in Delhi rise sharply

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Law and order: Delhi Police Chief B. S. Bassi addressing the annual Press conference on Friday. Photo: Shanker Chakravarty
The HinduLaw and order: Delhi Police Chief B. S. Bassi addressing the annual Press conference on Friday. Photo: Shanker Chakravarty

Crime graph in the Capital saw a steep hike with a staggering 20,000 more criminal cases being registered in 2013 vis-à-vis the previous year.

Almost 40 per cent hike in the crime rate was due to crimes against women, including rapes and molestation. These offences rose by an alarming 129 per cent and 412 per cent respectively.

According to annual data of the Delhi Police, total number of cases registered rose from 51,479 in 2012 to 73,958 cases in 2013, marking an increase of 43.67 per cent. About 1559 cases of rape were registered in 2013 as against 680 in 2012, a hike of 129.26 per cent. As many as 3,347 cases of molestation were also reported in the past year as against 653 in 2013, a rise of 412.56 per cent.

The number of street crimes also registered a sharp climb with incidents of chain snatching going up by 142.09 per cent. In 2013, 3,319 cases of snatching were registered in Delhi as against 1,371 in 2012.

But, Delhi Police Commissioner Bhim Sain Bassi attributed the rise in the crime statistics to the Delhi Police’s policy of registration of all cases against women.

“The numbers do not matter to me so much. Crime statistics are just statistics, if we manipulate them, it will be injustice to the victims of crime. Our intention here is clear. Registration is as per the crime on the street. This is probably why you are seeing phenomenal increases in some heads,” Mr. Bassi said.


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