2 held for lynching man over ‘theft’ – ( shocking case but no hue and cry over this lynching guess no muslim angle )

Posted on Nov 27 2018 - 6:20pm by admin

Two people have been held for lynching a 24-year-old man in southwest Delhi’s Uttam Nagar on Saturday. The accused had tied up the victim, along with his two friends, to an electricity pole, after accusing them of stealing car batteries.

Senior police officers said that the accused, Puneet Mahadev, was arrested on Sunday while one more suspect has been detained for questioning. The teams have identified five people who thrashed the victim Avinash, his friend Munnipal and Suraj Yadav.

Police said that three youths were caught by the men near Uttam Nagar terminal and were taken inside Mohan Garden around 3.30am. Mahadev, who lives nearby, was with his friends and had allegedly caught Avinash and others with car batteries, which they believed were stolen from nearby vehicles.

Mahadev had told police that he had spotted Avinash and his friends pulling out car batteries from their colonies. Cops are checking CCTV footage from the area to confirm this.



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