What a totally one sided biased bigoted anti Hindu article and make these totalitarian Mullahs males some kind of Becharas this is exactly the nonsense that no one believes or gives POO about this fake lying liberal pretenders these are real hate mongers

Posted on Jul 9 2018 - 7:11pm by admin

article is such rubbish and one sided version and trying to project the Hindus as some Psychos and these totalitarian kattar mullahs as some angels of peace or something though its quite opposite these mullah males are so damn intolerant in their majority ghettos and want to play victim in this case and its a sinister game of assertion and power and they think Hindus cant see through their crap and this is just step to claim their space

they should always remember tolerance has limits and their bhai log gangster bullshit these kattar people want sing Vande Matram but want the whole world to listen to their Azaan and be tolerant while they are utterly intolerant of other faith specially Hinduism and many such instances have demonstrated

their game of strength in number and subtle art of asserting and bullying sorry it doesnt work anymore

lock their women in a Burkha and hit on women of all other communities muslim male  is a stud boy can screw around even after marriage women cant marry outside their quam but the man can do whatever and these people talk about being such victims not allowed to pray keep your bullshit in your majority dominated ghettos try it outside that the world is very different place

take your bullshit  fanaticism about your religion and keep it to your majority dominated ghettos people have had it with you and your religious intolerance and everyone knows how peaceful you are even you also know what you are and how the  aggression runs in you at all times but then there are bigger tougher and the ones who will bring you to your senses outside your mullah dominated ghettos


How the hell did you arrive at the number of muslims at 5 lakh

will these totalitarian mullahs kattar variety allow mullahs in their majority areas allow hindus to pray specially migrants

all this is nothing but nonsense to assert

will they take responsibility for communal issues if they occur and why should these peaceful area be on the edge because of some prayers

what about their gangs which come with them the bhai log will you take responsibility

one could have written a thousand things with facts and these Mullahs and their agenda and what all takes place in their muslim dominated ghettos utter intolerance and start playing victim when in minority and this bullshit game everyone knows and no one falls for it anymore


By this overhyped so called placard waving journalist is the same gang that free ka Daru Mihir and the other Tuccha Shivam Vij who loves his Pakistan circuit and targetted Anand Ranganathan these joker are part of the same two bit social climbers who feel they have arrived because they hang around Khan Market some very commies writing for Kafila at one time but in the end some pocket change for these barrel scroungers will do and are willing to dance for anyone who throws change at them and they can write some normal English and lapped up the handlers of these so called fake liberals and seculars and this tuccha has been lapped up the wheeler dealer Gupta jee ki media ki dukaan and puts up a photo of his life with a cigar the tuccha has arrived .

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