Worse than the Lutyens media is this Stephens media and it is so easy to spot these journalists and media owners they are the real enemies of the people

Posted on Jul 13 2017 - 7:44pm by admin

Hear a lot on the lutyens media but the real enemies are the Stephens media , wont name the so called journalists and media owners but they are the one’s who dominate the English media space and trying to shape public opinion and have to an extent manipulated and shaped public opinion for years but with advent of the social media they got the kick they deserved and have nearly become irrelevant and exposed for the scum they are daily and shameless scum that they are and maybe in their delusion of grandeur they stick around but they dont realize they are the worst sort of filth .

The only thing these Stephen’s nerds  are good at is pointing  spellings mistakes and grammatical errors they dont realize they come out looking the worst sort of chutiyas with this snobbery one wonders why do they have desi names why not have their real angrez father’s name to all these angrez ki aulad types .


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