Why has the Government of India favored the Delhi Golf Club with very permissive lease terms and low annual rents that have no relationship to the actual value of the land?

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why does the government favor these brown sahibs – is it that they are the power that be in this country and they have this cozy enclave free of dogs and common people like the british had this outside their clubs – Indians and dogs not allowed .

will the government give such exemption to the common man so why is it for them


The Delhi Golf Club has an area of 220 acres. The DGC club house, including the course, is on government land. The lease for the land is periodically renewed by the government at a rate which has no relationship to the market value of the land.[1] The current annual rent that the club pays to the government is just Rs 5.82 lakh per year (approximately US$9700 at Rs 60 to a dollar).[1] In 2012, eight years before the lease was due for renewal, Kamal Nath, the Minister of Urban Development in the United Progressive Alliance government, approved extension of the lease until 2050.[5] The DGC has about 4000 members, a majority of whom are serving or retired members of the Indian Civil Services, judges, and politicians. There is considerable clamor to gain membership in the club.[1][3]

the stunning fact is only 900 members have voting rights , it just mind boggling such prime expensive real estate is for these sultans and their chotta nawabs  of yore in the present times ,this what you call a COZY CLUB , the list of these so called high and mighty must be made public so we can steer clear of these modern day nawabs as not to disturb them , this sort of racket and nonsense is happening not in the british raj but a free India ,

oh these high and mighty are disturbed by these dogs , lets get rid of them ,

where is the evidence that dog have bitten the members and the latest thing is bring the children in and say they have attacked them , can someone please show me the evidence and prove it ,

as regards the dogs attacking the peacock and birds – the bigger disturbance to the birds and their breeding is the golfers and their golf course , worst of all the noise of the parties , the club should be closed and it should be simply preserved as a green lung a eco zone for birds and animals , the club and its members are the real danger to their habitat and breeding .

the real question is it a private club who own this land

there should be audit of accounts of club accounts and each person who holds office here they must state all their assets , all the details should be put online so they can be checked as there are a lot allegations of corruption by the very members themselves and the nonsense that goes on during elections debauchery and parties

one would also like to know does the club have all requisite licences please put them up online

but most of all please put the details of these modern maharajas online which can easily viewed by the public and they are named and shamed in public and at some point of time adequate compensation collected from them for misusing public land and trust and living on subsidy .

the case of negligence has also been registered against the club for a death of person who drowned in the swimming pool hopefully court shows urgency in having those responsible for this murder or negligence bought to justice .


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