Wholesalers in Noida, Ggn see anti-Hindu conspiracy – ( its got nothing to do with Hinduism , Hinduism is dynamic and evolving religion and is environment friendly )

Posted on Oct 10 2017 - 7:40pm by admin
At the half-adozen-odd firecracker godowns in Kadipur, just off Pataudi road in Gurgaon, there was a flurry of activity within hours of the Supreme Court order. There was a mad rush of buyers who wanted to stock up before the shutters went down. The godown owners allowed buyers inside the godown to complete purchases, claiming they could sell crackers till the time they received the SC order in writing. However, the buyers also included some who were completely unaware of the SC order.A majority of buyers and retailers TOI spoke to labelled SC order as anti-Hindu. “For the past 10-odd months, we could not sell these crackers. Last month, when Supreme Court lifted the ban, we were delighted as it was just in time for Diwali. We were looking forward to a good business season. However, just after it lifted the ban, it does a complete U-turn by banning sale yet again, with Diwali just 10 days away . In Gurgaon alone, businesses will suffer a loss of at least Rs 15 crore, which doesn’t even include job loss that will be faced by hundreds of workers in our godowns and transporters,“ said Anil Nagpal, a godown owner.In Noida, the district administration decided not to issue temporary licences for selling crackers. The administration used to issue temporary licenses to sellers to install a `rerhi-patri’ market (temporary stalls on carts) in Noida’s Sector 33 and Greater Noida’s Bhangel and Surajpur. Agitated over the administration’s decision, around 10 temporary firecracker retailers protested outside the city magistrate’s office in Sector 19.

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