What about the Desi Harvey Weinstein’s in the Media , Business , Bollywood and the corporate world and their supporters and protectors a very big list of hypocrites and the names would bring down an entire industry

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 8:11pm by admin

The Truth about Harvey Weinstein had just is only started exploding and its gaining momentum the worst part it was always known by many close to him and they are complicit in aiding and abetting him, in way hence guilty , In India there are tons of these Harvey Weinstein kinds and they are well known and equally well protected and guess what even when they are caught they escape the legal maze with some of our finest there to protect them but what one finds shocking is that it is our so called feminist who act as guardians of these desi versions of Harvey Weinstein’s take the case of David Davidar of the out of court settlement or the alleged skirt chasing fame Mahesh Murthy or Tarun Tejpal etc and their connection with certain sanctimonious media protectors who give lectures on journalism to the whole world and talk about feminism and liberalism are their very cheerleaders – dont have time otherwise would have written in detail about these so called hypocrites of the media .

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