West Bengal girl rescued from GB Road brothel – ( How can these GB road brothels the modern day dens of sexual slavery be allowed to run , find the owners and those involved and hang them from the nearest pole , it’s a blot on the system and many are profiteering from it must be exposed )

Posted on Sep 15 2017 - 7:25pm by admin
A 16-year-old girl who was kidnapped from outside her school in West Bengal was rescued from a brothel in Delhi’s GB Road on Wednesday . It was found that the girl had been brutally beaten up and her private parts burnt with cigarettes while she was locked up in the brothel. She is being counselled by members of an NGO to identify her traffickers. Police have detained two men.Officials from the NGO, Shakti Vahini, said that they were informed about the girl by the authorities in West Bengal after she managed to steal the mobile phone of one of the visitors to the brothel and called her mother. A police team from Diamond Harbour police station arrived in Delhi and conducted a raid along with officers from the Kamla Market police station.“However, the traffickers came to know about the raid and by the time police reached there was no one in the house,“ said Rishi Kanth of Shakti Vahini. Questioning people around the area police found out about two youths who had helped the brothel owner to hide the girl. They were detained from Laxmi Nagar and Daryaganj for questioning.Meanwhile, members of the NGO received a call that the girl was travelling in a Sealdahbound train. By the time a police team, along with NGO officials, reached the station, the man accompanying the girl had already fled. Police suspect the role of a visitor who might have taken pity on her.Officers found that the girl was brutally beaten up for calling her family members. She was apparently locked up in an underground room when police conducted the raid.In her statement, the girl told police that one of the men, who used to run the brothel, along with a woman had burnt her with a cigarette.She said that she was kidnapped from outside her house in Diamond Harbour when she was on her way to school in May . She was dragged into a car by two youths who then injected her with a sedative after which she fell unconscious. She was brought to Delhi and sold at the brothel.

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