Waste burnt daily, it’s like a gas chamber, say DLF 3 residents

Posted on Dec 30 2017 - 6:05pm by admin

GURUGRAM: Around 800 residents of DLF-3 are reeling under the choking effects of gas coming off the mounds of waste that Nathupur villagers burn everyday after MCG sweepers refuse to clean up the garbage.
Residents told TOI they virtually live in a gas chamber as the leftover garbage of villagers that they dump on the vacant plots wedged between DLF 3 societies and the shanties which have emerged over the past few years, are burnt on a daily basis.

On Thursday, things took a serious turn after villagers set afire a huge mound of garbage. “I saw huge clouds of smoke blanketing the entire area,” said Mohit Gupta, a resident.

He added, “We are around 800 residents living in lane T24 here. This is a common stuff. How long are we going to reconcile with it?”


Gupta said the thick black smoke engulfed the entire lane. “We keep coughing. The smoke is acrid and it chokes us. There are plenty of elderly people living in this area who are not able to endure this smoke. It is a health hazard,” he said.



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Residents said it wasn’t Thursday that the incident took place “It is routine,” said Shweta Sahai, who lives in the same area. “This happens daily.”


When contacted, YS Gupta, joint commissioner of MCG, said: “I told residents to give me the identity of the violators. In fact, I request everyone across the city to call MCG and give the identity of such violators in near future. MCG will also carry out patrolling of such vacant plots to ensure no one walks scot free after burning garbage.”



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