Vineet Jain wants to take legal action against trolls behind the fake headline – ( legal dhamki, he really thinks he is some don of the media , word of caution there are bigger sharks and powers way beyond you and remember your history before you give such legal threats lest it all backfires on you because you never know who out there is waiting to get you and needing excuse or reason like this to come at you )

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It all seems to have started with a WhatsApp message early this morning. A photoshopped image of a Times of India front-page headline started doing the rounds and soon found its way to Twitter.

This was shared by many journalists.

[Above screenshot is from an Alt News story.]

But, as it turned out, the image was photoshopped and some of those who had shared it deleted it and apologised.


Rohan Venkataramakrishnan@RohanV

It says ‘meet’ y’all, not mate as the WhatsApp forwards will have you believe.




Pratik Sinha


Photoshopped! Look at how the letters ‘t’ and ‘e’ in the word ‘mate’ are different from ‘t’ and ‘e’ in the word ‘times’. ‘t’ is longer and ‘e’ is bigger in the word ‘mate’. And there’s a visible change in texture around the word ‘mate’ when zoomed.




Vinod K. Jose@vinodjose

Deleted tweet on the TOI headline after I found out it was photoshopped.




Stanley Pignal


I deleted the previous Modi-Xi headline because it was not a typo but a photoshop. I’m not sure either implied that Modi and Xi were *actually* going to go beyond hugging, so probably no need to get *quite so hot* under the collar.



TOI also put out a statement.


Times of India


A photoshopped image of our headline on the Modi-Xi meet is doing the rounds. All our editions carry the correct headline. You can see the difference when the correct & fake headlines are placed together. The one on the right is the photoshopped image with the word ‘mate’ tilted.



Besides the official response from TOI. Times Group Managing Editor Vineet Jain declared that the company would like to take legal action against the trolls who may have created the fake image.


Vineet jain


Trolls create fake headlines from our newspaper or tv channels very often. If any of you inform us who originally created this we will take legal action against him. …



Now, we’re all for setting the record straight and all but it is a bit rich for Mr Jain to thunder legal action. While the fake headline did mislead a bunch of people for sometime, it was way less dangerous than the real fake news items pedalled by some of the Times Group companies in the name of news. Remember the time when Times Now passed off a one-year old WhatsApp message on conversion ‘rates cards’ for Hindu girls as some sort of an investigative report? Or when TOI linked missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed to Islamic State? Alt News has a useful piece on Times Now‘s experiments with ‘untruths’. Note that there’s rarely ever an apology or a correction issued in these cases.

Needless to say, Mr Jain’s tweet was met with scores of let’s-show-you-the-mirror responses.




Since when has Fake Headlines started troubling you?

Your team has a Mastery on it !

Were you sleeping when your @TimesNow @navikakumar Declared that NiravModi was Arrested in HongKong?

Pl so take legal action against your channel first !


— Vimal Lakhotia (@vimallakhotia) April 27, 2018




Kiran Manral


It would also be lovely if you take a serious look at the level of rhetoric your channel Times Now drives.










Truth Seeker@MBhushaan

This seems to be a silly prank, most original headline of your newspaper and tv channels are way too harmful and serve malicious agenda of government & corporates …




Raj Redij-Gill@boredknees

Is this the real @vineetjaintimes account? You sure do send out tweets with a huge sense of irony. Clean your stables first, sir. …




Pradeep Magazine@pradeepmagazine

Yes. You must. And what about taking action against your own Channel for pedelling hate and fake news almost daily. …




Gaurav Gupta@GauravGupta1110

Absolutely go ahead . Just peep at Times Now once in a while . It’s “gangotri” of this malice flowing unendingly. …





Legal action?! How about the fake news your media peddles?! Have some conscience Vinieet. …





Thanks for raising the issue @vineetjaintimes ! Your Channel @TimesNow is famous for running fake news everyday. Plz take action asap ! …



We guess public sab janti hai.


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