Vineet Jain should remember IIPM guy who they milked for ADs Karti Chidambaram using 66A and more recently Microsoft /KPMG/ PWC episode , misuse of power and specially legal sometimes terribly backfires and what if the government gave you such a threat to watch out lest you fall out of line and remember what Congress did to you so always remember there are powers way beyond you and can do the same to you .

Posted on Apr 30 2018 - 10:09am by admin

Though you have full rights to take action for the fake news but to make this bullhit about trolls and make common cause wu ith some Lutyens ass kissers like the ugly butt face who wrote a book on trolls you are then making it us and them kinda equations and then it changes the game and this legal threat to all as though you are some online thekedar with Surveillance power better  be careful because there a lot of serious oversight on your part and you have a large empire and can be hit if people start filing cases against your media group and there are many many things they can be offended by and so many other things so if you want to threaten some non entity as you say then just be careful lest some powers that be take you on a lot of other things and you know how they can get in what all ways citing this as an excuse if you can hit at small timers then you are a small timer for them

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